The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association believes that participation in sport plays an integral role in the total education of the student. The Association encourages the high school student to participate in activities that will assist in the realization of physical, social, and emotional values.


To promote the benefits of participation in high school sport by providing athletic and educational opportunities.


Recognizing the need for a co-operative agency to plan, supervise and administer the inter school activities of the province, it is recommended that the following principles be used as a guide to the association established for this purpose:

  1. The aims and objectives of the association shall be in harmony with the goals of education as set forth by the Department of Education.
  2. Participation in the activities of the association should be encouraged, as they are an integral part of the total education process.
  3. All students enrolled in member schools, should have the opportunity to realize the physical, social and emotional values that can be derived from inter school competition.


  1. To encourage participation in high school sport.
  2. To teach educational values to high school student athletes.
  3. To promote the value of high school sport in Manitoba.
  4. To encourage and promote volunteer involvement in high school sport.
  5. To seek corporate and community partnerships for the Association.


  1. To encourage participation of students in senior high school activities through inter school and provincial programs.
  2. To consider the welfare of the participants as the primary criteria upon which all policies of the association are based.
  3. To plan, supervise, and administer the interzone and provincial activities of the members of the association.
  4. To maintain a high level of sportsmanship respect and integrity in all activities.
  5. To provide an outlet for the skills learned and the appreciation developed through competition.
  6. To sponsor activities which promote the objectives of senior high school education.
  7. To publish material which will be of benefit to member schools. Publications could include technical and promotional articles as well as material directed to students.
  8. To develop and maintain a web site to promote high school athletics.