Co-oping Schools

1. Any co-oping application must first have zone approval before being considered for final approval at the provincial level.
2. Schools may CO-OP, if they meet the following criteria:

a) Combined populations of the schools involved (grades 9 – 12) must not exceed 425 students (combined school populations exceeding 300 students will compete in the “AAA” category).

b) Co-oping is limited to "A" and "AA" schools only.

c) A letter from administrators of all schools involved must be forwarded to the MHSAA office.

d) Co-oping can occur for a single sport and single gender in a school.

e) Co-oping must take place for a minimum three year period for that sport (co-ops cannot switch schools during the three years, without MHSAA approval).

f) A maximum of four schools only may combine to form a co-op entry.

g) The team must go under one school name – a new name cannot be created.

h) The schools must maintain administration of the co-op (i.e. it could not be run or controlled by a parent or other group.

i) The co-op must be beneficial for all schools in the area.

j) The MHSAA Management Committee will review all co-op applications.  They will consider the history of the area, the sport, and how the application will affect the other schools in the area.  The committee will also consider historical co-ops.

k) The decision of the Management Committee is final.  The committee has the right to monitor co-ops and if it feels a co-op is being abused, has the right to revoke the co-op or place a school on suspension or probation.

l) Co-op is limited to the sports of Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Fastpitch, Baseball, Rugby and Football.

m) For the sports of Volleyball, Hockey and Basketball, combined co-op populations will determine the category that the new co-op may compete in at the provincial championship.