a) Any athlete, coach, or member school may be declared ineligible, subject to probation or suspended from Association competition for reported violations of sportsmanship, eligibility, sanction or violation of playoff format or dates.  Any athlete, coach, or member school or zone which is alleged to be in violation of eligibility or sanction regulations, must be given an opportunity to appear or appeal before the Board of Directors.

b) Any decisions as to the appropriate action which may be taken with respect to any reported eligibility, supervision or sanction violation, shall rest with the Board of Directors.  If a penalty is invoked, such penalty shall be enforced by the MHSAA staff.

c) The MHSAA may default school teams or zones, which do not meet deadline dates set down for zone and/or inter-zone play downs.

d) When teams or individuals have failed to receive proper sanctioning they shall be automatically fined fifty dollars ($50.00), and if this occurs another time during the school year, then that school will be automatically suspended from any provincial activities in that sport.

e) Tournament convenors may request the association to impose a penalty to a school that has not fulfilled invitational tournament commitments as sanctioned by the association.  This violation would be considered as a violation of performance bond and may be subject to a one hundred to two hundred dollar ($100.00 - $200.00) fine, which would be forwarded to hosting school

f) Each Zone is required to post a two hundred ($200.00) performance bond.  This performance bond is placed in a trust to ensure the zone's participation, proper conduct, and ensure that all Provincial Championship and eligibility requirements are met.  Any zone failing to meet any of the expectations as outlined may be liable for forfeiture of part or whole of the bond.  The zones must replace the bond before they will be allowed to participate in any other provincial competition.

g) Zones/Schools failing to meet deadline dates for information sheets for the directory and roster information for provincial championships will be fined one hundred dollars ($100.00), and that zone/school will not be allowed to compete until the fine is paid.

h) Athlete(s) or any team member caught consuming or in the possession of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs at a Provincial Championship may result in an automatic team disqualification and two hundred dollar ($200.00) performance bond forfeiture.

i) The use of an ineligible athlete will result in and automatic $200.00 fine.  The situation will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  Penalties may result from automatic expulsion of team, forfeiture of all previous results or other.

j) A team withdrawing from a Championship after the entry deadline has passed will result in an automatic two hundred ($200.00) fine for first offense.  The Board of Directors will evaluate any further offenses.

k) Failure to submit eligibility sheets online will result in a one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine.

l) Failure to meet deadlines as listed under each sport in the Provincial Championship Handbook will result in a fifty ($50.00) to two hundred ($200.00) dollar fine.

m) Failure to register a tournament and forward results to the MHSAA by noon the following Monday will result in a fifty to two hundred dollar ($50.00 - $200.00) fine.

n) Teams failing to submit school information sheets before the published deadline will be subject to a one hundred ($100.00) fine.

o) Teams identified with improper uniforms may not be allowed to compete until they have adhered to the uniform rule and may be fined one hundred ($100.00).

p) Teams in violation of advertising on uniform regulations may be fined up to ($200).

q) Any coach or athlete wearing head gear (when not part of uniform) during competition, opening ceremonies, award ceremonies, banquet and/or luncheon may be fined $50.00 - $100.00 per athlete or coach.

r) Any school not paying its fine within 20 working days would be ineligible to receive any assistance from MHSAA and would not be eligible to participate in any wildcard or other post season activities until the fine with a $50.00 penalty is paid.  If the fine is still not paid after 35 days, the school may be placed as ‘not in good standing’ with the Association.  A $200.00 fee in addition to the fine would be required for reinstatement.

s) Improper conduct/flagrant rule violating (language, etc) will result in a $50.00 - $200.00 fine and, possible suspension.  Board to review.  MHSAA may extend a suspension of an athlete to other MHSAA Provincial Sport Championships when abuse of other players, coaches, or officials occurs.
t) Failure to have a teacher supervisor present may result in possible forfeiture of performance bond ($200.00) as well as competition results.  Board to assess future offenses.

u) Changing at the bench or playing field - $50.00 - $200.00 fine per individual.

v) *NEW* - Failure for the home school to submit league and exhibition results on the MHSAA website by noon the following day will result in a $25.00 fine.

Protests:  Any protests regarding procedure or rulings occurring during the course of inter-zone, zone, wildcard or provincial games must be submitted in writing and posted within 48 hours to the convenor of that activity, with a copy to the Assistant Executive Director of the Association (for hockey – to Executive Director).  Any decision of follow-up shall rest with the Board of Directors.