The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association was founded on April 24, 1962 as a result of a government commissioned study of "physical education and recreation in Manitoba".

One of the recommendations from the commission, headed by the late Dr. Frank Kennedy was the "definite need for a secondary school athletic association to define policy, standards and participation regulations for all parts of the province and membership should include teachers, principals and inspectors". After the commissions recommendation, a group of sincere, dedicated individuals worked very hard to set up an organization which would respond, at that time, to the needs of the schools, their athletes and teams in high school sport. Resources were very limited, but the resolve and spirit of those committed people were of a very high degree. Thus, the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association was born.

Today, we see the MHSAA as a positive influence on the lives of young people and a strong voice in speaking out about the role that high school athletics plays in the total education process.

The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association's primary function is to assist in running fair and equitable sporting events for high schools in Manitoba. High school sports is seen as the "other half of education" which very much provides young athletes with positive experiences that will better prepare them for future endeavours in society.

The story of the MHSAA is one of steady growth in organization, numbers, and the promotion of the value of sports in Manitoba schools. With 192 member schools and approximately 37,000 athletes participating in high schools, the association operates a total of 50 various championships.

Past Presidents
2015 - Chris Gudziunas
2011-2015 - Scott Kwasnitza
2007-2011 - Don Hurton
2003-2006 - Ross Metcalfe
1999-2002 - Jean Beaumont
1995-1998 - Ron Buzahora
1994-1998 - Jane Edstrom
1990-1994 - Frank McKinnon
1987-1989 - Bill Wedlake
1984 - Peter Dick
1981-1983 - Brian MacLaren
1979-1980 - Peter Dick
1975-1978 - Jack Hunt
1973-1974 - Paul Granovsky
1971-1972 - Robert Rempel
1969-1970 - Jim Orchard
1967-1968 - Peter Isaak
1965-1966 - Thom Murray
1963-1964 - Audrey Jones