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Maples Marauders Varsity Invitational Tournament - Apr 7, 2018 to Apr 7, 2018


Location: Maples Collegiate - 1300 Jefferson Avenue


- All games will be played within the 11 courts in our school


Start Time: 8:30 am - Gyms will be open at 8:00 for warm up



- 2 entries per event with 1 event per competitor

- Entry fee of $125 payable to Maples Collegiate

- Round robin flight of single 21 point games (win by 2 points; cap at 30) 

- Playoffs will include a championship side and a consolation side



- Individual awarsd will be presented to the top three in each event

- Aggregate trophy will be awarded to the school with the most total points from the competition


- Athletes will be provided a complementary pancake breakfast

- Coaches will receive a complementary pancake breakfast and a hot dog lunch

- A canteen will be provided featuring our almost-famous Marauders Hot Dogs


If you are interested in entering your schol team, please email