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Payworks Coaches of the Month - Lloyd Voth & Jerry Waldner

Lloyd Voth, of St. Paul’s High School, and Jerry Waldner of Rosenort School have been selected as Payworks high school Coaches of the month for December.  

Lloyd, who has been teaching and coaching for 35 years, captured the Boston Pizza “AAAA” championship this past December.   His teams have been Provincial champs on 3 other occasions in 1998, 2006, 2007, and have been in the Final Four on 3 other occasions.  Lloyd has coached at many levels including Provincial teams, U of M, and Beach Volleyball.  He also played for the Bisons and was a member of the CIS championship team in 1979.

Jerry, who is also school principal, has coached volleyball for 26 years at Rosenort School.  This year, while hosting Provincials in Rosenort, the team captured the Provincial "A" boys championship.

The volleyball teams under Jerry's coaching have represented Zone 4 at numerous provincial championships earning 6 medals in total.  1 Bronze, 4 Silver and 2 Provincial Titles.  This year especially was a highlight season for him with winning the Provincial Championships.  Having coached these boys three times over the past 5 years, he noted that this year, was a group of players who couldn't get enough volleyball.  Their dedication to the game and their training to improve was impressive as they motivated each other.

The group theme for the season was "Team". "The boys really did leave their egos and personal achievements at the door and played hard for each other. The individual awards any of them were given were a result of them playing so well together."


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