Rules & Regulations


Membership in the Association shall be open to Manitoba schools conducting classes at the senior high school level. It must be emphasized that schools are association members — not specific sports.


  1. Each championship sponsored by the Association shall be under the direction of a convenor appointed by a Zone.  The convenor, acting on the advice of the Board of Directors, will form a working committee.
  2. Each convenor shall submit a written report of the activity to the Executive Director as soon as the activity is completed for the year.  This report shall include:
    • a report of the activity (play-off procedure, results, participation, attendance);
    • financial statement in itemized form; and
    • recommendations for the coming year.
  3. The Association shall budget the expenses of, and retain the profits from all competition beyond the zone level.  The hosts of “A”, “AA”, “AAA” and “A/AA” JV provincial championships shall retain 50% of the gate receipts and forward the remaining 50% to the MHSAA. The “AAAA” and “AAA/AAAA” JV provincial championships will receive a minor official honorarium and will return 100% of the gate receipts to the MHSAA.
  4. An activity shall be eligible to be considered as a Provincial Championship provided that a minimum of 8 zones (or 51 per cent of the zones) have competed in that activity for two or more consecutive years.


  1. Provincial Awards shall be the responsibility of the Association.
  2. Zone Awards shall be the responsibility of the Zone.
  3. All competitors at the Provincial Championships shall receive certificates, which shall indicate that name of the activity, year, and the word "competitor", or "participant".

Association Fees

  1. Classifications
    • "AAAA" schools    $700 each plus $1/student
    • "AAA" schools      $625 each plus $1/student
    • "AA" schools        $450 each plus $1/student
    • "A" schools          $400 each plus $1/student
  2. Association fees must be paid by Oct. 5 (post-marked) of the current year. Zones which do not meet this deadline will be assessed a late penalty of $10 per calendar day, up to a maximum of 25 days, at which time they will forfeit the privilege of taking part in the Association activities for that school term.
  3. Spectator admission fees may be collected at Provincial Championships at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Financial Operation of Championships

  1. Each championship convenor is responsible for the preparation of a budget to cover its yearly operation.
  2. Two weeks after the completion of each event, the convenor shall turn over all accounts and monies, plus a financial statement of the event to the Executive Director.

Intention to Participate

  1. It is the responsibility of the zone or league representative to indicate the zone's intention to participate in Association competition at the provincial level in any or all of the following activities:
    • Golf
    • Cross-Country
    • Volleyball
    • Curling
    • Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Badminton
    • Track & Field
    • Fast Pitch
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
  2. Any zone that fails to indicate its intention will not be allowed to participate in that particular activity during the school year. Any zone that fails to honour its commitment will forfeit the right to participate in that particular activity for the following school term, unless notification canceling the intention to participate is given by Sept. 30.
  3. Competitions: (Classification is based on grade 9-12 population)
    • To be eligible for "A" competition, any rural school must have a population of less than 125 students.
    • To be eligible for "AA" competition, any City of Winnipeg schools must have a school population of less than 100 students plus rural schools with a population of 125 to 300 students.
    • To be eligible for "AAA" competition, any City of Winnipeg schools with a population of 100 to 500 students plus any rural school with more than 300 students.
    • To be eligible for "AAAA" competition, all City of Winnipeg schools with a population of more than 500 students plus Lord Selkirk, Crocus Plains, Vincent Massey (Brandon) Steinbach Regional, Springfield, Stonewall, Garden Valley (Winkler), Northlands Parkway (Winkler) and Portage Collegiate Institute.
  4. Schools wishing to re-classify to a higher category sport may do so, provided the zone president and MHSAA Executive Director are informed.  Deadline dates are listed in the Provincial Handbook.

Zone Structure

Zones are composed of schools situated within the following school divisions.

Zone 1:  Winnipeg School Division

Zone 2: Louis Riel School Division, St. John’s Ravenscourt, St. Norbert, Westgate, College Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Zone 3:  St. James, Pembina Trails School divisions, St. Paul's High School,  St. Mary's High School.

Zone 4: Western, Prairie Rose, Red River Valley, Borderland, Garden Valley, Portage La Prairie School Divisions, College St. Jean-Baptiste, Mennonite Collegiate Institute.

Zone 5: Evergreen, Lakeshore, Interlake School Divisions, Charles Sinclair School, Ecole Communautaire Aurele-Lemoine, Peguis Central School.

Zone 6: Prairie Spirit School Division, College Regionale Notre Dame.

Zone 7: Beautiful Plains, Rolling River, Pine Creek, School Divisions.

Zone 8: Turtle River, Mountain View, School Divisions, Ebb & Flow School, Ecole Jours de Plaine, Rorketon Collegiate, Isaac Beaulieu School.

Zone 9: Turtle Mountain, Southwest Horizon, Fort La Bosse School Divisions, Sioux Valley School.

Zone 10: Park West School Division, Ecole St. Lazare.

Zone 11: Frontier School Division, and all northern school districts.

Zone 12: Metro Winnipeg private schools, Manitoba School for the Deaf.

Zone 13: Sunrise, Hanover, Seine River, and Whiteshell School Divisions and DSFM, Wanipigow School, Sagkeeng Anicinabe.

Zone 14: Seven Oaks and River East Transcona School Divisions, Lord Selkirk Regional Secondary School, M.B.C.I., Springfield Collegiate.

Zone 15: Brandon School Division.

Starting Time of Competitions

No Association championship tournament shall begin prior to 9 a.m. on the first day of the competition. It is recommended that all convenors consider the distances traveled by out-of-town teams when arranging tournament draws.



  1. Zones may offer championships in any activity.
  2. The cost of sponsoring activities at the zone level shall be the responsibility of that zone, and gate receipts from zone championships become the property of that zone.
  3. All zone or league playoffs must be completed by the date outlined in the MHSAA handbook

Organization of Championship Tournaments and Meets

1. The convenor shall be responsible for setting up a tournament or meet committee, and this committee will organize and conduct the championship tournament or meet in conjunction with, and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

2. Each convenor shall present his/her championship format, at least six weeks prior to the championship date, to the Assistant Executive Director of the Association, for review.

3. Provincial Tournament Responsibilities.

Each zone or school hosting a Provincial Championship is responsible for the following areas:

  • Providing adequate facilities including care-taking
  • Minor officials
  • Tournament workers
  • Local publicity
  • All-star and M.V.P. committees (if acknowledged)
  • Tournament hospitality (athletes, coaches, officials lounges, etc.)
  • Creating a budget
  • Website

MHSAA responsibilities:

  • Major officials
  • Travel and lodging of officials
  • Schedule of games
  • Provincial publicity
  • Supply of awards
  • Rental of non-school facilities

NOTE:  Such things as medical personnel, unusual expenses related to special equipment etc. are negotiable and should be agreed upon before the competition.

4. Deadline for entry to Provincial Championships is as published in the Handbook. Zones or leagues not emailing, or delivering required information to championship convenor by the deadline will be fined $50 and may forfeit the right to participate in that particular championship. That school will not be allowed to participate until the fine is paid.

5. In sports which entrants can be seeded, the tournament chairperson along with the MHSAA shall organize a seeding committee to evaluate participating teams and place them fairly in the draw.

Location of Championship Tournaments or Meets

  1. A zone may bid to host a provincial championship tournament or meet, or a zone may bid on behalf of an individual school, with such bids to be submitted in writing to the Assistant Executive Director. The Board of Directors will determine a rotational basis of provincial championships and, if no bid is received for championship, then the championship automatically goes to the zone whose turn it is on the rotational basis.
  2. Power to move locations of championships will rest with the MHSAA staff, in the case of emergencies, of zones or schools not fulfilling their agreement or failing to make proper arrangements.
  3. Zones that do not fulfill their assigned hosting duties in the rotation will be subject to performance bond forfeiture and possible suspension from participation in provincial championships.
  4. Whenever possible, provincial championship tournaments should be held at a site or sites which would have the facilities to hold that event on the required number of days.

Performance Bonds

Each zone will be required to post a $200 performance bond to ensure that said zones meet entry requirements and/or eligibility rules and regulations and/or zone commitments. Zones failing to meet said requirements may forfeit all of or part of the bond as per discretion of the Board of Directors. Violating zones will have the opportunity to make representation to the Board of Directors prior to assessment of any fines.

Provincial Championships

  1. Before any new championships, categories, classifications, etc. are added to the MHSAA roster, a task force must be struck to review cost implications of championships and address human and financial resources.
  2. Any motion involving the addition of a Provincial High School Championship has a one year grace period before being allowed implementation.
  3. If a new championship is added, the costs would be added onto membership fees.

Specific Sport Rules and Regulations 

I. General Information

  1. All zones must have their representatives declared and submitted to the Association office by the date published in the handbook.
  2. In order for a school to participate in a provincial championship, that school must compete in its zone league, zone play-off or interzone.
  3. The President of the Association or his/her representative shall present the championship trophy and awards at all provincial competitions.
  4. When the rules of the Association are in conflict with those of the Sport Governing Body, then the rules of the Association shall take precedence.
  5. All zones (except zone 11) will be assigned administration or technical duties in the running of the Provincial Track & Field Championships.
  6. “AAA” for provincial urban volleyball and basketball – All “AAA” urban schools must play a minimum of 4 matches or games against “AAA” rural schools and 2 (two) matches or games outside of Winnipeg.  Tournaments count as 2 matches or games as long as the tournament is hosted by a “AAA” school, regardless of the classifications of participating teams. 
  7. For sports competing in the Junior Varsity Category, participating athletes must be under the age of 17 as of midnight of the current school year, August 31. Students are eligible to participate in junior varsity for two years.  In determining the two-year clause, member schools must count grade 9 as the first year.  The athlete's eligibility begins upon enrolment in grade 9 and is allowed two consecutive years of competition from time of enrolment in grade 9.
  8. Every school and activity (varsity, junior varsity) must complete the online roster/eligibility registration. Eligibility deadline dates are listed in each sport section. Failure to submit online eligibility forms may result in a fine.

II.  Supervision

  1. At all Association Provincial Championships, interzone and wildcard games, participants must have a teacher in attendance as a supervisor, or they will not be allowed to compete.  In individual sports where it may be unrealistic for one teacher to accompany one student, the zone may designate teacher/supervisors for athletes; however, this must be indicated well in advance both to the teacher who is supposed to be supervising as well as the students from the various schools.  When school teams have non-teacher coaches involved with a team, a teacher still must supervise that team when advancing to Provincial play-offs.
  2. Teachers employed in the school division where they are coaching a team, may be the supervisor for that team.  The expectation still relies upon the school to ensure that its supervisors are fully acquainted with all MHSAA rules, regulations and consequences. 

III. Championship Dates/Technical Information

  1. Badminton: The tournament, Junior Varsity or Varsity, will take place on the first weekend in May.
  2. Basketball: The "AAAA", "AAA", "AA", "A" Tournaments will be held one week prior to spring break. The Junior Varsity provincials and “AAAA” Regional will be held 2 weeks prior to spring break. MHSAA “A”, “AA” and “AAA” Basketball Championships are held over 3 days starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday.
    Provincial “A” & “AA” Basketball championships are 10 team draws. “AAA” are 8 team draws. “AAAA” are 12 team draws. 
    *NEW* Starting in March 2015 JV basketball will no longer include an “AAA/AAAA” category but be two separate provincial championships a “AAA” & “AAAA” Championship. A/AA JV will continue as one category. Formats yet to be determined.
  3. Cross-Country: The provincial cross country meet will be held during the second or third week of October. The date will be determined based on the timing of the long weekend, SAGE/LIFT and soccer provincials. There will be two Cross Country classifications (“A”, “AA”, “AAA”) and (“AAAA”). Each classification will award winners in the categories of JV Girls, JV Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys for the winner, runner up and third place team
  4. Curling: The bonspiel will be held Thursday, Friday, Saturday the fourth weekend in February.
  5. Golf: The Provincial Girls and Boys Golf Championships will take place the third Friday of September.
  6. Hockey: The Provincial “AA” and “AAAA” Hockey Championships will be held two weeks prior to spring break. The “AA” Championship will be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (not Sunday).  The “AAAA” Championship will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Monday (not Sunday)
  7. Track and Field: The Provincial Meet will be held on the second weekend in June. All zones (except zone 11) will be assigned administration or technical duties in the running of the Provincial Track & Field Championships. Provincial Track and field championships will award banners for junior and senior categories, in addition to awarding a banner for the top school in each classification (“A”, “AA”, “AAA”, “AAAA”).
  8. Volleyball: The Provincial "AAAA", "AAA", "AA" and "A" tournaments will be held on the last weekend of November.  Junior Varsity Provincials and “AAAA” Regional will be held on the 2nd last weekend of November. MHSAA “A”, “AA”, and “AAA” Championships are held over 3 days starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday. They are all 10 team draws. “AAAA” is a 12 team draw.
  9. Baseball: The Provincial Baseball Championships will take place on the first weekend in June.
  10. Fast Pitch: The Provincial Fast Pitch Championships will take place on the first weekend in June.
  11. Soccer: The Urban soccer Championships will take place on the first weekend of June at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Rural Soccer Championships will take place the third weekend of October

IV.  Demonstration Sports

The following criteria must be in effect:

  1. A Teacher/coach/supervisor must be present during all games.
  2. All MHSAA eligibility rules must be followed.
  3. The Principal must be regularly informed of all aspects of the activity.
  4. The sport should take place in at least 5 zones (at least 2 schools per zone)
  5. The sport must be administered by the school