Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete

Suzanne Holatko

Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete
Basketball, Volleyball
Award Date
Jun 24, 2004
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Suzanne Holatko, of Silver Heights Collegiate, is captain of both her varsity volleyball and basketball teams.  She received the Carl Ridd basketball scholarship and was MVP at the Silver Heights Basketball tournament.  Her volleyball team was also recognized with the Manitoba Hydro Sportsmanship Award.  Suzanne maintains an 89% average and scored a 100% mark on the provincial pre-calculus exam.  She referees basketball and softball in the community and has judged at the Golden Gate Science Fair. 

Suzanne states, “High school sports have given me many opportunities over the past four years.  They have taught me leadership skills and responsibility….Playing sports over the years also kept me out of trouble.  Instead of spending my time watching television, I spend my time working out or practicing for the big game…..One of the biggest influences in high school sports are your coaches.  They are the ones who will teach you many skills, the ones who might get mad at you, but always want the best for you.”