Payworks Coach of the Month

Craig Baron

Payworks Coach of the Month
Award Date
Nov 10, 2015
St. Paul's Collegiate

Craig Baron, of St. Paul’s Collegiate in Elie, has been selected as Payworks high school Coach of the month for October.  

Craig is a long-time phys.ed teacher and he coaches numerous sports.

He has coached his Varsity Girls Volleyball team to a 22-2-2 record on the season and the girls have won 3 tournaments and finished in 2nd place at another. For a school with only 185 students, this is a huge accomplishment, and the Varsity Girls are ranked 5th in the province right now.

Craig is an excellent teacher and has committed numerous hours in order to prepare the Girls for this season. His commitment and dedication to his team and also his sportsmanship should be recognized.