Athlete of the Week

Brayden Kantimer

Athlete of the Week
Award Date
Feb 21, 2017
Shevchenko School

The Tire Recycle Rural High School Athlete of the Week is Brayden Kantimer of the Shevchenko Sabres basketball team in Vita.

This 6’3” center lead the Sabres to a 3rd place finish at Mennonite Collegiate tournament in Gretna and a 1st place win at the Roseau Valley Tournament in Dominion City. He was named player of the game at both tournaments and received a tournament All-Star at the Roseau Valley tournament. He is averaging 25 points a game this season. Coach Yannie Sanchez states, “Brayden is a great team player to coach. He's not only respectful to his coaches but to his fellow teammates along with having a good sense of humor. He always works hard to be the best that he can be.”

This grade 12 student maintains a 75% academic average, while also participating in baseball.