Athlete of the Week

Taryn Warnock

Athlete of the Week
Award Date
May 22, 2018
River East Collegiate
River East Kodiaks AAAA Varsity Girls Soccer 2017

The Powerland Urban High School Athlete of the Week is Taryn Warnock of the River East Kodiaks soccer team.

The 5’5” striker led the Kodiaks team to tournament wins at the River East and Kenora tournaments. In the River East tournament, she scored 4 of the teams 7 goals, while in Kenora she scored 6 of the teams 9 goals including 3 game winning goals. She also picked up a goal in the Kodiaks first league game for 11 goals in 8 games.  Coach Jeff Sparks states, “Taryn is the fastest player on the field in every game we play. She uses her speed to out run her opponents and has had many breakaways because of this. She has a great touch at the net and is a great finisher. In close games, Taryn's competitive nature really shines as she ramps up her intensity level even higher. Her drive to lead her team by example is extraordinary”.

In Grade 12, she maintains a 90% academic average, while also participating in curling and track & field.