Payworks Coach of the Month

Christine/Leanne Rewniak/Leskiw

Payworks Coach of the Month
Award Date
Oct 4, 2011
St. Mary's Academy
Harv-Al Sports Urban Coaches of the Month are: Christine Rewniak and Leanne Leskiw co-coaches of the St. Mary’s Academy Flames. Both women have been involved in Volleyball across the province for years. They are currently co-coaching the St. Mary’s Varsity Girls volleyball team which won the Crocus Plains Top 8 Debate tournament last weekend for the 3rd straight year. They have coached their teams to the Final Four for the last 2 years, Leanne is the President of Volleyball Manitoba and they are both highly dedicated and committed role models. Leanne has volunteered and coached at SMA for 10 years and Christine, before deciding to stay at home and raise her family, worked hard to develop a strong Volleyball program at SMA.