Nick Laping Leadership Award

Rick Waterman

Nick Laping Leadership Award
Badminton, Volleyball
Award Date
Jun 30, 2018
Erickson Collegiate Institute

He has been teaching for 27 years and has been coaching a variety of athletics programs for all those 27 years. Rick is currently the Zone convenor for badminton and has held that position for over 20 plus years. He hosts an early season badminton tournament at the school prior to Spring Break to “kick-off” the badminton season. Rick has coached both JV and varsity girls and boys volleyball. In addition, he also organizes two downhill ski trips a year for the school.

Rick was one of the founders of the Minnedosa Chancellors cooperative hockey program between Minnedosa and Erickson Collegiate in the late 90’s. He is an integral part of the success in the school in more ways than athletics, creating food and nutrition, photography and horticulture programs. He is a wealth of experience with high school athletics and this has made him a perfect mentor for other young coaches in the school and throughout the Zone.