Frank L. McKinnon Award

Robert Dinsdale

Frank L. McKinnon Award
Award Date
Jun 30, 2017
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School

Over the past five years, Robert has proven to students, co-coaches, colleagues and parents that he has a clear vision for Crocus Plain's football program, and his dedication and willingness has proven he is an exceptional coach. 

If you ask players or parents what they like about being a part of the Plainsmen Football Team, they will tell you that it is the feeling that you are part of a family, not just a team. This means that players are not only taught skills specific to football, they are also taught skills to increase their moral intelligence, soft skills, work ethic in sports and academics, and to overall just be a good citizen. Robert always incorporates these important skills into team speeches, practice plans, off season team building activities or individual meetings with players.

In the past couple of years Crocus Plains has lost two coaches, one of which suddenly passed away. Robert not only stepped up to take the head coaching position, but took the program to the next level in terms of professionalism and clearly defining what it means to be a Plainsman. The amount of time and the way he spends that time reminds us of Coach John Wooden's pyramid of success. Coach Wooden was one of the first coaches to teach things such as loyalty, friendship, industriousness, integrity, self-control, and condition, which he theorized all led to competitive greatness. Robert fits the modern-day model of Coach Wooden, which speaks volumes as to why he is an exceptional coach.