Athlete of the Week

Ayush Jain / Ramanjot Joura

Athlete of the Week
Award Date
Apr 24, 2019
Maples Collegiate

The Urban High School Athletes of the Week are  Ayush Jain and Ramanjot Joura of the Maples Marauders badminton team.

This duo has been dominate in men's doubles this season in MHSAA tournaments. In their fourth and final year playing for the Marauders, they have won first place at the Louis Riel and Gimli tournaments. Coach Jenn Humeny states, "At 6'1" Ayush has an impressive set of skills, but his composure and ability to perform under pressure is his biggest asset. Raman, at 5'11" has an infectious passion for badminton. He plays aggressively and is a leader on and off the court". 

In their grade 12 courses, Ayush has an average of 82%, while Ramanjot maintains an 87% average.