Athlete of the Week

Kate Stewart

Athlete of the Week
Award Date
Nov 13, 2019
Miles Macdonell Collegiate

The Urban High School Athlete of the Week is Kate Stewart of the Miles Macdonell Buckeyes hockey team.

This forward for the buckeyes, has led her team to a 6-1 start on the season.  She currently leads the Winnipeg Free Press Division with 12 points having scored 5 goals, with 7 assists in 7 games.  Coach Janelle Yarjau states, "Kate leads by example and her presence increases her teammates' confidence.  She is not only an extremely talented offensive player, but she can be always relied on as a key defensive player. Kate's dominating and crafty play has proved many times she is an extremely valuable asset to her team.

This grade 11 student is on the Honour in the International Baccaulreate program maintaining an 83% average.