Alexander Josephson Memorial Scholarship

Ethen Winter

Alexander Josephson Memorial Scholarship
Award Date
Jun 1, 2020
William Morton Collegiate Institute

Ethen Winters of William Morton Collegiate maintains an 86% academic average while also participating in cross-country, volleyball, track & field, basketball, and baseball. He is actively involved in dirt bike racing and volunteering to create and maintain the dirt bike track for the Manitoba Dirt Riders. The opportunity for WMC to form a high school hockey co-op with Sandy Bay was more than he could have imagined. Ethen became a positive role model for several of the children there. He utilized his leadership skills to help his team rise above the barriers, attitudes, and behaviors of society to be better players, regardless of the situation. He also fondly remembers a message given to the team by Paul Maurice of the Winnipeg Jets after a practice, to succeed you must truly care about your team. Ethen is a leader amongst his peers, a positive role model to younger people and a reliable person in the community. He is a valued member of his hockey team and is always prepared to put in extra hours and work to ensure the success of the team.