Hall of Fame - Team Category

Lord Selkirk Royals Ladies Volleyball Teams 1975-1979

Hall of Fame - Team Category
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Apr 13, 2013
Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

The Lord Selkirk Royals Varsity Girls Volleyball program became a dynasty during this period winning Provincial Championships for 5 consecutive years.  The first three years were under the tutelage of Coach Barry Miller, and the final two under Coach Mike Burchuk.  They lost only a handful of matches over those 5 years, going 41-12 in 1975 and winning over 50 matches in each of the next 4 years, losing no more than 4 matches in any one year, and highlighted by a perfect 58-0 record in the 1978-79 season.

The Lord Selkirk team began their reign by winning the Provincial “B” title in 1975, and also advancing to the semi-finals in the “A” category that year.  There was to be no stopping them over the next 4 years, as they won both the Provincial “B” and Provincial “A” titles in each year.  When they won both in 1976, they became the first team to accomplish this feat.

1975 Team Members – Lisa (Clemons) Bear, Jill Francis, Bonnie (Gessner) Hailstone, Karen Hurley, Sharon (McMurchy) Craig, Donna (Posnick) Twomey, Pattie (Ried) Birston, Kathy Soke, Carol Wilson, Diane (Zoppa) Perger, Coach: Barry Miller

1976 Team Members – Nan (Callander) Fewchuk, Ida (Clemons) Sutherland, Bonnie (Gessner) Hailstone, Susan Hurley, Liza (Lippoway) Fontaine, Sharon (McMurchy) Craig, Donna (Posnick) Twomey, Kathy Soke, Diane (Zoppa) Perger Assistant Coach: Rick McMillan, Manager: Nancy (Smith) Pihulak, Coach: Barry Miller

1977 Team Members – Vivian (Barthels) Keber, Corrine Baty, Shelley (Buffie) Carlson, Nan (Callander) Fewchuck, Ida (Clemons) Sutherland, Lillian (Czyrak) Cole, Jill (Goodbrandson) Wur, Susan Hurley, Liza (Lippoway) Fontaine, Lisa (Sarchuk) Lundberg, Coach: Barry Miller

1978 Team Members – Sherrey (Buffie) Jones, Shelley (Buffie) Carlson, Nan (Callander) Fewchuck, Ida (Clemons) Sutherland, Jill (Goodbrandson) Wur, Nicki Gusberti, Susan Hurley, Sandy (Maksmyk) Olynyk, Keri (Peterson) Yuskow, Lisa (Sarchuk) Lundberg, Manager: Joanne (Kurbis) Makara, Coach: Mike Burchuk

1979 Team Members- Brenda Baty, Lorie Bruneau, Jill (Goodbrandson)Wur, Nicki Gusberti, Nancy Gustafson, Sandy (Naksmyk) Olynyk, Keri (Peterson) Yuskow, Lisa (Sarchuck) Lundberg, Sherryl (Wilkowich)Fey, Manager: Deb (Bakker) Mayers, Coach: Mike Burchuk