Hall of Fame - Team Category

Daniel McIntyre Maroons Football Team 1947-1952

Hall of Fame - Team Category
Award Date
Oct 6, 2009
Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute

From 1947 to 1952, the Daniel McIntyre Maroons dominated the high school football scene like nothing ever seen. Guided by legendary DMCI Coaches Andrew Currie and John Potter, the Maroons claimed the Manitoba High School Football Championship a record six years straight. Many football people still claim that had the 1953 season not been suspended due to the polio scare, that the Maroons could have likely won a seventh. In fact, from 1947 to 1956, the Maroons won the title eight out of ten seasons. There was no recruiting, no scholarships, no privileges extended the players. They simply signed up and made a commitment every year to be the best. Maroons of that era continue their commitment to the football program through their support for today’s young DMCI athletes. The team members are:

Bill Amos, Harvey Ander, Garth Arnason, Wally Bjarnason, Rod Bower, Bryan Davies, Gord Dupuis, George Eakin, Dennis Faulkner, Lenwood Goodine, Owen Griffith, Lyle Hallett, Bob Hammond, Mike Kachmar, Sid Kasner, Bill Kehrer, Toney Kehrer, Gerry Kissick, Harry Langford, Ralph Lyndon, Frank Mazur, Ken Mazur, Barry McBride, Barry McQueen, Jack Peggie, Don Porth, Ron Rentz, Barry Rosebourough, Carl Rufelds, Grant Sims, Bill Smitiuch, Florian Soble, Doug Soloman, Lou Spado, Allen Sproule, Dough Stuart, Len Thornson, Gerry Vincent, Ralph Ward, Vic Watt, Sid White, Gary Aldcorn, Jack Bogden, Gary Chatfield, Tom Hannesson, Ron Hodges, Larry Jocelyn, Grant Lougheed, Don Lucyk, Rollie Mathieson, Brian Palmer, Bruce Palmer, Al Rae, Stan Slym, Bert Smith, Mal Wigg, Ed Willems, George Wilson