Dairy Farmers of Manitoba Provincial AAAA Hockey Championships *CANCELLED*

Mar 13–16, 2020
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Daily Entrance Fee:

Adults: $10

Students: $5

12 & Under: Free


In light of ongoing concern resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19), and in support of suggested recommendations from Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living and Manitoba Education and Training, effectively immediately the MHSAA is cancelling all Hockey and Basketball Provincial Championships. In addition, all Badminton and other school sport activities will be on hiatus until further notice.

The MHSAA is committed to protecting the health and safety of our student-athletes, staff, coaches, member-schools and the health of all of our fellow Manitobans.

Greetings from the MHSAA


On behalf of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, and its member schools, welcome to the 2020 MILK “AAAA” Provincial High School Hockey Championships.

High school hockey has enjoyed tremendously growth over the last decade and brings a great caliber of play and tremendous enthusiasm and excitement to rinks across the province.

Congratulations to all participating teams. Many hours of practices, games and tournaments have been committed to attain your goal of making it to the Provincials. We wish everyone success in their quest to be Provincial High School Hockey Champions. 

Thank you to the organizing committee and all their volunteers, students, staff, parents, and others that are working hard to host this event. The volunteer base is the backbone of our organization and all their efforts and commitment will allow for the hosting and staging of a first-class Provincial Championship.

A very special Thank You to our Title Sponsor, MILK. The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba’s strong and continued commitment to high school sport in our Province is invaluable.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our major corporate partners for their tremendous support – Boston Pizza, McDonalds, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Tire Stewardship of Manitoba, Payworks, Manitoba Hydro, Awards & More and Sport Manitoba.   

We hope all student athletes, coaches, managers, and fans enjoy this Provincial Championship and display positive sportsmanship throughout. We hope that this weekend will provide a great memory for all of you. Have fun!

Chad Falk
Executive Director
Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the 2019-2020 High School Boys Hockey Provincials, hosted by Dakota Collegiate at Bell MTS Iceplex. On behalf of the staff and students of Dakota Collegiate and our surrounding community, I welcome you to this prestigious event. We are very excited to be hosting Hockey Provincials this school year and are looking forward to great competition and sportsmanship.

I would like to thank all the volunteers for their time and effort in making this event successful, along with the tremendous support from the hockey community. We are truly lucky to have every one of you involved with this great sport.

In saying that, thank you to the coaches for giving countless hours of your time to allow these young athletes the opportunity to experience a provincial competition and the thrill of competing for the title of Provincial Champions. All the best to everyone this weekend.

Jill Mathez, Principal


Pool 1
River East KodiaksDauphin ClippersSt. Paul's (Wpg) Crusaders 1W-LRank
River East Kodiaks0-0––
Dauphin Clippers0-0––
St. Paul's (Wpg) Crusaders 10-0––
Pool 2
Garden City Fighting GophersDakota LancersW.C. Miller AcesW-LRank
Garden City Fighting Gophers0-0––
Dakota Lancers0-0––
W.C. Miller Aces0-0––


Date & TimeVisitingHomeResultVenueGenderType
Mar 16, 2020
TBAvsTBACanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS Iceplex BoysBracket
Mar 14, 2020
TBAvsTBACanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS Iceplex BoysBracket
Mar 14, 2020
TBAvsTBACanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS Iceplex BoysBracket
Mar 13, 2020
Garden City Fighting GophersvsDakota LancersCanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS IceplexV BoysRound Robin
Mar 13, 2020
River East KodiaksvsSt. Paul's (Wpg) CrusadersCanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS IceplexV BoysRound Robin
Mar 13, 2020
W.C. Miller AcesvsGarden City Fighting GophersCanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS IceplexV BoysRound Robin
Mar 13, 2020
Dauphin ClippersvsRiver East KodiaksCanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS IceplexV BoysRound Robin
Mar 13, 2020
W.C. Miller AcesvsDakota LancersCanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS IceplexV BoysRound Robin
Mar 13, 2020
Dauphin ClippersvsSt. Paul's (Wpg) CrusadersCanadian Tire Arena, Bell MTS IceplexV BoysRound Robin

Championship Information

Bell MTS Iceplex

Rules & Regulations


PRIOR TO FIRST LEAGUE GAME Hockey Manitoba forms must be submitted to the Regional registrar, “HIGH SCHOOL” must be written on form.

ALL TOURNAMENTS must be registered online at the MHSAA website at least one week prior to the tournament start date.

ONLINE ROSTER/ELIGIBILITY is due by NOVEMBER 7 (All AP players must be included in this list) Players not listed will be ineligible.

DECLARATION TO A HIGHER CATEGORY must be submitted in writing by NOVEMBER 29 to the MHSAA Executive Director.

ZONE/LEAGUE PLAY-OFFS must be completed by MARCH 4.

WILDCARD APPLICATIONS are due by Tuesday, MARCH 3 at 1:00 pm sharp. Wildcards are open to zone quarter-finalists, semi-finalists and finalists only. Applications must include the following:
- Complete season record of all games played (exhibition, league, tournament). Season Record Form available on the MHSAA website.
- Letter of intent to participate signed by the Principal.
- Schools selected for a wildcard will be invoiced for the wildcard fee of $225.00. The school will then have 20 working days from the date of the invoice to pay the fee or they will be subject to further sanctioning.

If your application does not include the season record or letter of intent, and/or is late, the application will not be considered. See page 131 for an example wildcard application. Wildcard games are tentatively scheduled for MARCH 8 or 9

SEEDING INFORMATION must be received by the MHSAA, by MARCH 5, with complete information, or the team may be subject to a $50.00 fine. Seeding information must include a complete season record of all games played, dates and scores. Please use the seeding/wildcard season record form available on the website.

MHSAA / Hockey Manitoba
High School Hockey Letter of Agreement

a) This letter of agreement outlines the conditions and manner in which high school hockey will be structured and administered in the Province of Manitoba between the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA) and Hockey Manitoba.

b) It is agreed that Hockey Manitoba and the MHSAA shall work together in a positive manner to ensure the advancement of hockey through leadership.

3. The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association shall establish and govern rules and regulations for the formation and operation of high school hockey teams.

4. The MHSAA will be responsible for Provincial High School Hockey Championships.

5. The MHSAA shall ensure all high school hockey team members are registered with Hockey Manitoba on rosters approved for this division of play.

6. All teams shall register with their league registrar. Registration packages will be provided to the league by the Hockey Manitoba Office located at 145 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6.

7. A list of first year high school players will be submitted to the regional registrar prior to first game to confirm eligibility. Players are ineligible to register in the event that they were not a member in good standing with the local minor hockey association at the conclusion of the previous season. The list will serve as an applicable release.

8. Players that are registered high school players are eligible to play for the school that they attend, as per the MHSAA’s eligibility guidelines.

9. a) All high school teams must have a minimum roster size of 12 players – 
one of which must be a goaltender.
b) Westman and Zone IV High School Hockey League teams will have a maximum roster size of 25 (2 of whom must be goaltenders and including all Aps)
c) Winnipeg High School Hockey League teams will have a maximum roster size of 20 (2 of whom must be goaltenders).
d) Winnipeg High School Hockey League roster formation will predominantly be limited to players registered in grades 10, 11 and 12 only that are 15 years of age and older as of January 1st of the previous season.
e) Winnipeg High School Hockey League rosters will be limited to a maximum of two (2) grade 9 players per season.
f) If a Winnipeg High School Hockey League team wishes to exceed the maximum of two (2) grade 9 players per season, the school may submit a written appeal for consideration by a joint MHSAA and Hockey Manitoba appeal committee. The appeal must be submitted by no later than the Wednesday of the second week of school. The appeal committee will be comprised of the Executive Directors of both the MHSAA and Hockey Manitoba in addition to a mutually agreed upon, independent, third party. The decision of the appeal committee will be considered final. A $100 non-refundable appeal fee must be submitted to the MHSAA.
The written appeal must contain the following:
1. A list of all student athletes who tried out for the team.
2. A written explanation as to why more than two (2) grade 9 players are needed for the upcoming season.
3. A letter of endorsement from the school’s administration.
4. Metrics to consider include eligible returning players, graduating players, history of grade 9’s in program, High School Division, and registered players in catchment area.
5. Team rosters cannot be comprised primarily of grade 9 players.

10. It is agreed that affiliation between Hockey Manitoba teams and MHSAA teams will be permitted with the following limitations.

a) Hockey Winnipeg registered players will not be allowed to affiliate to high school. 
b) A player of a team of a lower Division or category of the same club, or of an affiliated team, or a specially affiliated player, may affiliate to a team or teams of higher Divisions and categories at any time, to a maximum of ten (10) games. However, if the player’s registered team completes its regular season and playoffs before the player’s affiliated team or teams, the player may therefore affiliate an unlimited number of times. Please note: That exhibition and/or tournament games, which are not part of the regular league or play-off games are excluded from the eligible number of games referred to in 10.a.
c) Hockey Manitoba registered players attending a school that has a team in either the Westman or Zone IV High School Hockey Leagues will be allowed unlimited affiliation to their school’s high school hockey team.
d) Hockey Manitoba 2nd year Bantam registered players attending a school that has a team in either the Westman or Zone IV High School Hockey Leagues only will be allowed unlimited affiliation to their school’s high school hockey team.
e) All High School players (including Aps) must be registered on their school’s MHSAA online roster by the annual posted deadline in order to be eligible.
f) Affiliated players can only be used once a team’s roster falls below 17 players (2 of whom must be goaltenders).
g) High school players may play a maximum of 10 games as an affiliate player, to Junior A, B & OA Hockey Manitoba teams. Affiliation is subject to the High School Hockey League approval. A player may not play a beyond his 10th game until after his/her high school season is completed.
h) In rural Manitoba high school players have unlimited affiliation to Senior A-D and Junior C teams in Rural Manitoba provided permission is received from the High School Coach.
i) Once a student’s high school season is completed, the student may play for a higher-level team pending permission from the high school coach and MHSAA.
j) Affiliation lists must be filed by all teams prior to a team using an affiliate player. Failure to file this list prior to using an affiliate player may result in sanctions against the offending coach.
k) All affiliation lists must conform to Hockey Manitoba and MHSAA criteria and the posted annual deadlines.
l) High School and Hockey Manitoba coaches shall obtain prior approval from a player’s team coach before using the players as an affiliate for any sanctioned activity (game). This must be done prior to each game in which an affiliate player is used (no block agreements are permitted). Affiliated players cannot be used for practice.

11. High school hockey will follow the minimum suspension guidelines as those established by Hockey Manitoba.

c) The High School League Commissioners shall advise the MHSAA office immediately of any suspension of affiliate player that is registered to a Hockey Manitoba team, the MHSAA office will immediately advise Hockey Manitoba of such suspensions and provide relative information.

d) Any affiliate player who plays with a high school team and is suspended in high school league or exhibition play must serve the full suspension with their rostered team.

14. High School hockey players may only appeal suspensions to the MHSAA (except those suspensions of physical abuse of an official under Minimum Suspension Guidelines).

15. Match penalties involving physical abuse of officials shall be reported to Hockey Manitoba. Hockey Manitoba will deal with all match penalties that involve physical abuse of an official.

16. It is agreed that high school hockey teams will communicate to the Hockey Manitoba office through the MHSAA office. The Hockey Manitoba office will communicate to high school teams through the MHSAA office. The MHSAA will communicate with Hockey Manitoba teams/players through the Hockey Manitoba office. Athlete registration is administered through the Hockey Manitoba office and all communication of the respective teams will be processed through this office.
17. Prior to sanctioning of tournaments, the MHSAA shall advise to Hockey Manitoba if the tournaments meet Hockey Canada sanction criteria.
18. Manitoba high school teams will be permitted to participate, subject to approval of the MHSAA, against other Branch non-Hockey Canada member high school hockey teams. However, Hockey Manitoba and or the Hockey Canada will not be responsible for actions emanating from such activities and further that the medical and liability insurance programs under which all members are protected will be automatically voided during such activities.

19. A joint MHSAA and Hockey Manitoba standing committee shall be established. Any disputes between the MHSAA and Hockey Manitoba in regards to the terms contained within this agreement shall be settled by using the mutually agreed upon Dispute Resolution Policy.

20. All high school hockey coaches must follow the Hockey Manitoba Coach Certification Model.

21. Tryout Dates: The following tryout dates will be followed for the Hockey Winnipeg/Winnipeg High School Hockey League 2019 – 2020 season. These dates will be posted in the Hockey Winnipeg rulebook.

AAA Start: Tuesday, Sept. 3 Finish: Friday, Sept. 27 
High School Start: First Day of School Finish: October 1 
AA Start: Saturday, Sept. 14 Finish: Wednesday, Oct. 4


A) FORMAT: Both Championships will be a six (6) team round robin tournament divided into two pools of three teams each, with teams advancing to play-off rounds. For the “AA” Championship there will be a consolation and 3rd place game. The “AAAA” Championship will have NO consolation or 3rd place game.

Overtime: overtime will consist of one 10 minute sudden death period of 4 on 4 hockey (depending on ice availability, a second 10 minute overtime (4 on 4) may be added). After that it will be a shoot-out with each team selecting 5 players to shoot. If the score is still tied, then it will be a group of 3 different shooters. If still tied, then it will be one on one with different shooters until a team reaches 12 shooters and then they can begin to reuse players. Overtime will be played to determine championship play-off games only.

No team will have fewer than three skaters in overtime, so if a team is penalized in overtime, the other team would add a player rather than the penalized team removing a player. In any case, the penalized player would still serve his or her penalty.

B) RULES: All players must be registered on both Hockey Manitoba Forms, and the MHSAA Online Roster. No additions permitted to MHSAA roster after NOVEMBER 7 of current year.

The HOME team is the higher ranked/seeded team on the draw. The home team will wear their white sweaters. (The dressing room # will be on the draw).

“AAAA” games will consist of 2 -15 minute and one 20 minute stop time periods “AA” games will usually consist of 3-20 minute periods. The format will be as follows: (games may be changed depending on ice availability).
• a 10 minute pre-game skate approximately 25 minutes prior to game time.
• teams will warm up on the 3rd period ice of the preceding game.
• a flood 15 minutes prior to game time. (when possible)

The mercy rule will be in effect for all games. Running time is used when one team is ahead by 5 or more goals with 5 minutes left in the game.

The maximum number of players dressed per game will be 19. The maximum number of coaches, trainers, etc. allowed on the bench will be 4.

Each team will be allowed one time out per game.

Any player who receives 4 penalties in one game, or 3 stick penalties, shall be removed from that game. This is not a game misconduct and the penalty can be served by any player.

Players that play in a league that require neck guards will be required to wear them.

Centre ice red line will be used in icing calls. It will not be used for offside calls. This allows teams to pass from their own goal line to the opposition’s blue line.

Tie Breaker Rule: In the event that teams are tied for a playoff position after the round robin, the following procedure will apply:

a) The team with the most wins in the round-robin gains the highest position.

b) If the teams are still tied after 1 above, the winner of the round-robin game between the tied teams gains the highest position.

c) If the teams are still tied after 1, and 2 have been applied, then the team with the best goal average gains the highest position. The goal differential of a team is to be determined in the following manner:

d) Total number of goals for divided by the total number of goals for and against. NOTE: All round-robin games are included.

e) NOTE: The highest percentage gains the highest position.

f) If the teams are still tied after 1, 2, and 3, have been applied, the team with the least number of minutes in penalties throughout all round –robin games, gains the highest position.

g) If the teams are still tied after 1, 2, 3, and 4 have been applied, then the team that scored the first goal in the game between the tied teams gains the highest position.

h) If the teams are still tied after 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 have been applied, a single coin toss will determine which team gains the highest position.

i) In the case where you have three or more teams tied you would move through the steps above one after the other until all ties have been broken.

If any team uses an ineligible player or players, then that team will forfeit the game in which the ineligible player or players played or were listed on the score sheet.

Any player who receives a Fighting or Match penalty in the Provincial Championship will be removed for the duration of the Provincial Championship.

Any player who receives a Game Misconduct will be removed from that game plus the next game.

All leagues must submit penalty statistics of teams which qualify for the Provincial Championships. These penalties will carry over.

All coaches behind bench must have a minimum of Coach Level Certification. Other Hockey Canada qualification, such as safety, and speak out must be held by other bench personnel.

Uniform Rule: Athletes, team members and coaches will not be allowed to wear headwear (excluding players helmets), during competition, opening ceremonies, awards ceremonies, banquets and/or luncheons. Any athlete or coach deemed in violation may be subject to a fine in the amount $50.00 - $100.00 per violation assessed to the school.

Advertising on uniforms must adhere to guidelines as outlined on pages 132-133

It is expected that all teams attend opening ceremonies and related functions. Non-attendance may result in fines or other sanctions being placed against the school.

e) Fighting/Match/Gross Misconduct
▪ 1st Offense – 5 minutes, game misconduct, expulsion from the Provincial Championships.

f) Major/Game Misconduct (All majors become game misconducts with the 5 minute penalty served by any player.)
▪ 1st Offense – Remainder of that game plus 1 game 
▪ 2nd Offense – Remainder of that game and expulsion from the Provincial Championships.
EXCEPTION – Game misconduct for a minor penalty for hitting from behind will be penalized as follows:
▪ 1st and 2nd Offense – Removed for the remainder of the game. If this penalty occurs in the last 10 minutes of regulation time, the player is suspended for the next game 
▪ 3rd Offense – 1 game (2 if penalty occurs in last 10 minutes)
g) Misconduct (10 Minute Misconduct)
• 1st & 2nd Offense – Player serves 10 minutes. Players receiving a 10 minute misconduct with less than 10 minutes left in regulation time, will automatically be suspended for the next regular game as well.
• 3rd Offense – becomes a game misconduct (1 additional game, if the penalty occurs in the last 10 minutes)
• Any major misconduct and 10 minute misconduct penalties received during league, exhibition, and/or wildcard games will be carried over to the Provincial Championship.


In each division, the championship team will receive the Association tournament trophy (annual presentation), the Championship banner, first place medals and Championship T-shirts (max. of 24)

The runner-up team in the championship event will receive a finalist banner and second place medals (max. of 24)

The winning team of the third place event will receive a third place plaque and third place medals (“AA” Only)

Winning team of the consolation event (“AA”) will receive a consolation plaque

An all-star team, Players Choice award and M.V.P will be selected


At all MHSAA Provincial Championships, interzone and wildcard games, participants must have a teacher from the school division in attendance as a supervisor, or they will not be allowed to compete. In individual sports where it may be unrealistic for one teacher to accompany one student, the zone may designate teacher supervisors for athletes. This must be a written request, signed by each principal involved, and approved by the MHSAA, well in advance. The designated teacher supervisor should have a copy of the letter, with them during the championship.

Teachers employed in the school division where they are coaching a team, may be the supervisor for that team. The responsibility rests with the school to ensure that supervisor(s) are fully acquainted with all MHSAA rules, regulations and consequences. Violation of this rule may result in a bond forfeiture up to a maximum of $200.00.


The MHSAA, in cases of severe weather disruptions, may have to make decisions as to the possible rescheduling of Provincial Championships. MHSAA decisions will be based on Environment Canada weather reports, the Manitoba Highway reports and weather conditions at the host site.

Information on possible schedule changes will be posted on the host website between 6:30 and 7:00 am on the day of the Championship. Schools will also be emailed any changes. In case of inclement weather, schools should refrain from travelling to Provincial Championships until they receive notification from the MHSAA Assistant Executive Director with instructions and updated scheduling. Schools deciding to travel prior to receiving notification from MHSAA Assistant Executive Director do so at their own risk and will be responsible for their travel and hotel costs, should the event be postponed or changed.

Many schools travel to Provincial Championships on the day prior to the championship beginning. In cases where most schools are already at the host site, the convenor along with MHSAA assistant director will try to modify schedules to accommodate teams that will be arriving later due to weather conditions.