Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Policy

1. The purpose of this policy is to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in a manner that recognizes the right of privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information and the need of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (herein referred to MHSAA) to collect, use or disclose personal information. 

What is Personal Information? 

2. Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. It includes information that relates to their personal characteristics (e.g., gender, age, income, home address or phone number, ethnic background, family status), their health (e.g., health history, health conditions, health services received by them) or their activities and views (e.g., religion, politics, opinions expressed by an individual, an opinion or evaluation of an individual). Personal information, however, does not include business information (e.g., an individual’s business address and telephone number), which is not protected by privacy legislation. 


3. Privacy of personal information is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). MHSAA is governed by PIPEDA in matters involving the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in the course of it carrying out commercial activities. This policy is based on the standards required by PIPEDA, and MHSAA interpretation of these responsibilities. 


4. This policy applies to the personal information of members and perspective members of MHSAA, coaches, officials, participants, officers, directors, and volunteers. All Board directors, officers, employees, committee members, volunteers, coaches, event organizers, contractors, and other decision-makers with MHSAA must comply with this policy. 


5. Our Executive Director is the Privacy Officer and is responsible for monitoring information collection and data security, and ensuring that all staff receives appropriate training on privacy issues and their responsibilities. The Privacy Officer also handles personal information access requests and complaints. The Privacy Officer may be contacted at the following address: 

145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6
Phone: 204-925-5640