Sanction must be obtained from the Executive Director of the Association for all of the following activities:

Tournaments (team or individual sports)

Sanction must be applied for by the tournament organizing committee of the following:

  1. Any tournament which has one or more teams from outside the Province of Manitoba;
  2. Any tournament which is not sponsored or administered by a member school;
  3. Any tournament which does not meet the requirements set out in number four of this article.

Age and Eligibility:

  1. All competitors competing in provincially sanctioned tournaments must be under 19 years of age as of August 31 of the current school year, and attending an MHSAA member school.
  2. Schools from other provinces or states invited to participate in the tournament sanctioned by the MHSAA must satisfy the eligibility requirements of their home state or province.
  3. Schools mat not play non-school teams in any tournaments.

Exhibition games (teams or individual sports)

  1. Sanction is not required for exhibition games but member schools are required to report to the MHSAA any incidence(s) which arise during exhibition games which adversely affect the welfare of the students.
  2. Sanction must be applied for by the members of the Association for any trip or tour that takes a member school of the Association outside the Province of Manitoba for a game or games.

Tournaments (not requiring sanction)

A tournament does not require sanction, but does require to be registered if it meets the following requirements:

  1. It is officiated by officials who are members of, or affiliated with recognized official organizations of the Association or host zone;
  2. No team is required to play more than two games in one day (applies to basketball only);
  3. All teams are members in good standing of the MHSAA;
  4. The tournament is hosted by a member school of the MHSAA;
  5. Awards are no more than certificates, ribbons, pins, medallions, or trophies;
  6. Tournaments sponsored by the MHSAA.


Although tournaments meeting the requirements listed do not need sanction, they must be registered online.  All in-province tournaments must be registered online by the date listed under each sport. Registration would include the dates of the tournament and a list of the participating teams. Tournament results must be posted on the MHSAA website by noon on the Monday following the tournament.

To Obtain Sanction:

  1. An application for inter-provincial sanction is available from the MHSAA website. Feel free to call the MHSAA office if you need assistance with this or would like the form emailed to you.  The completed form must be signed by the principal and submitted to the MHSAA office 14-days prior to the start of the competition.
  2. The MHSAA Executive Director will consider the application for sanction and, if approved, copies of the application will be forwarded to the Executive Director of each state or provincial association.
  3. Upon receipt of approval or denial of the sanction, the MHSAA office will notify the host school.
  4. When teams or individuals have failed to receive proper sanctioning they shall be automatically fined $50, and if this occurs another time during the school year, then that school will be automatically suspended from any provincial activities in that sport.
  5. Each request for sanction will be evaluated in the list of the established Association policies.  Factors such as distance to be traveled, lost time from school, number of games required per day, and commercial exploitation of the competing teams, will be considered in the evaluation of each request. If the sanction is to be denied, then the Board of Directors or the Executive Director will inform the school or organization within one week of the request being received. Otherwise, the school organization may assume that sanction has been granted.  If request for sanction is denied by the Association, then the particular school shall not be allowed to travel or compete under any other name.

MHSAA will not sanction or accept registration of any tournaments scheduled during regular school hours of any provincial in-service or PHE Manitoba PD Day. MHSAA will only sanction/allow a tournament held on Remembrance Day if it starts after 1 p.m. MHSAA will not sanction any school sport activites of any kind on September 30.

MHSAA will not sanction/permit any tournaments on a Provincial Championship weekend for any sport.

National Championships

The MHSAA, in conjunction with all other Provincial and Territorial Associations, is opposed to National Interscholastic Championships.  Therefore, the MHSAA will not sanction competition at this level.