Recruiting Policy

Statement on Recruiting

In support of the MHSAA’s principles on participation, which is to ensure fair and equitable competitions for all students participating in high school athletic programs, the MHSAA membership encourages open and positive communication between schools and coaches.

The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association opposes any attempt to recruit student athletes from one member school to another.  Recruiting is defined as a representative of the school (teacher, administrator, school division employee, coach, student, parent, alumnus or any other person representing themselves as a school contact) either directly or through another party, encouraging a student to transfer to their school, for the purpose of being involved in co-curricular athletic activities.

Acceptable Communication

  1. Schools and coaches can advertise their athletic programs as part of a total school package.
  2. Athletics can be a topic at an open house and be part of a school information/registration package.
  3. Information on specific programs may be presented to students at information sessions held in the student’s transition year.
  4. Information about teams and school sport programs may be posted on the schools website.
  5. Communication may take place with a student and/or parent upon their request or consent, and with the acknowledgement and knowledge of the student’s home school’s administration. If a student or parent makes contact, the school cannot talk with them, until they advise the administration of the student’s current school.

Unacceptable Communication

  1. Teachers or school representatives that are part of a sport club, or Sport Manitoba program shall not discuss their school team or otherwise encourage the athletes currently attending their community program, to attend another school.
  2. A coach or representative of the school shall not initiate contact, including through the use of social media platforms, with any student that does not attend, or directly feed into their school, for the purpose of suggesting, encouraging or explaining a transfer to that school.
  3. A teacher/coach or representative of the school shall not encourage any other person, including past or present players to contact any student to suggest, encourage or explain a transfer to a different school.
  4. A coach or representative of the school shall not permit a student not currently enrolled and accepted at the school, to practice or participate in team activities. Equipment cannot be given to students not enrolled in your school.
  5. Coaches or representatives shall not meet with the parents of a student or the student if they are currently enrolled in another school.
  6. Coaches or representatives shall not offer incentives to any student, parent or guardian (e.g. fees, tuition, bus passes, rides, equipment or waivers) that may influence their decision to attend another school.
  7. Coaches or representatives shall not offer school privileges or considerations not normally granted to other students.

Sanctions and Penalties

  1. Upon reporting of a recruiting violation in writing, to the MHSAA Executive Director, they shall initiate an investigation of the allegations contained in the written notice. The MHSAA Executive Director will present the written complaint to the accused and request a written response.  The principal of the alleged offending school will also be contacted. An independent panel will review the complaint.
  2. Should the investigation result in confirmation of recruiting, the Board of Directors will review the infraction, and sanctions may range from:
  • probation AND/OR
  • $500 fine to the offending school, AND/OR
  • Immediate suspension of that school in that sport for the remainder of the school year, plus the following school year, AND/OR
  • Immediate suspension of that school in all MHSAA Activities for an indefinite period

Note:  All sanctions and penalties may be appealed to the MHSAA Board of Directors.