Hall of Fame - Athlete Category

Nomination as a athlete shall not be considered for the Hall of Fame until ten (10) years after graduation from a Manitoba High School. Such athletes must have competed in a MHSAA sanctioned sport and have distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics while a student at a Manitoba High School.  Among the accomplishments taken into account will be individual and team accomplishments, individual school or team records held, and impact on teams and the overall athletic program at their high school during their era and accomplishments thereafter in university/college or beyond.

This could include:

  1. individual school, zone, or provincial records or championships. Statistical leader for school, etc.
  2. selection for tournament, conference, zone, and/or Provincial Honors (MVP, All-Star, Player of the Game, etc.)
  3. qualifying as an individual or team in Provincial competition, considering number of times, number of sports, placings, etc.
  4. Being recognized as an all-round athlete in high school in any sport while attaining several team selections, captaincy, and leading teams to the league, zone, or provincial championships.
  5. An athlete not so honored for high school achievements, but who participates in university, college, professional or amateur sport and gains honors at this level or beyond, may also be considered by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.


NameSchoolLocationAward Date
Missy PennerCollège Miles Macdonell CollegiateUrbanMay 11, 2019
Megan CyrLord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary SchoolUrbanMay 11, 2019
Steve WelchGordon Bell High SchoolUrbanMay 28, 2016
Brenda Westwood (Boroski)River East CollegiateUrbanMay 28, 2016
Alanna Hinrichsen (Yakiwchuk)Collège Garden City CollegiateMay 28, 2016
Gail Kendall (Winston)Grant Park High SchoolUrbanMay 28, 2016
Jon HanecDakota CollegiateUrbanMay 28, 2016
Jeff ForemanWindsor Park CollegiateMay 28, 2016
Israel IdonijeVincent Massey High SchoolUrbanMay 23, 2015
Joey VickeryWestwood CollegiateUrbanMay 23, 2015
Byron GoodwinGrant Park High SchoolUrbanMay 23, 2015
Linda Puttaert (nee James)Dakota CollegiateUrbanMay 23, 2015
Scott KoskieDakota CollegiateUrbanMay 23, 2015
Jill MathezGlenlawn CollegiateUrbanMay 23, 2015
Sami-Jo SmallCollège Jeanne-SauvéMay 10, 2014
Susan Boroski (Bodie)River East CollegiateMay 10, 2014
Ted StoeszDakota CollegiateMay 10, 2014
Greg HaydenluckPortage Collegiate InstituteMay 10, 2014
Lesley Hanford (Lee)Institut collégial Vincent Massey CollegiateMay 10, 2014
Ed AlexiukDakota CollegiateApr 21, 2013
Jamie (Hancharyk) JonesGrant Park High SchoolApr 13, 2013
Gord PattersonGrant Park High SchoolApr 13, 2013
Joe OgomsDaniel McIntyre Collegiate InstituteApr 13, 2013
Janet (Maddin) NealeDaniel McIntyre Collegiate InstituteApr 13, 2013
Ron HinkewichCollège Miles Macdonell CollegiateApr 13, 2013
Ken OpalkoDaniel McIntyre Collegiate InstituteApr 13, 2013
Nick PapadkisDaniel McIntyre Collegiate InstituteApr 21, 2012
Lynda (Kidd) ChorleyHamiota Collegiate InstituteRuralApr 21, 2012
Chris WalbySt. John's High SchoolApr 21, 2012
Michelle Sawatzky (Koop)Steinbach Regional Secondary SchoolApr 21, 2012
Rick WattsDakota CollegiateApr 21, 2012
Tammy MahonTreherne CollegiateRuralMay 7, 2011
Martin RileyÉcole Secondaire Sisler High SchoolMay 7, 2011
Angie Straub (Johnson)John Taylor CollegiateMay 7, 2011
Keith SanheimSpringfield Collegiate InstituteMay 7, 2011
Mary DempsterN/AMay 7, 2011
Brian MacLarenInstitut collégial Vincent Massey CollegiateMay 7, 2011
Garth PischkeCollège Sturgeon Heights CollegiateOct 6, 2009
David McKayRiver East CollegiateOct 6, 2009
Angela ChalmersÉcole Secondaire Neelin High SchoolOct 6, 2009
Bob TownCollège Churchill High SchoolOct 6, 2009
Todd MacCullochShaftesbury High SchoolOct 6, 2009