Transgender Policy


The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity or any other characteristic protected under the Manitoba Human Rights Code.  In order to comply with this policy and to uphold the principles of equity and inclusion, MHSAA maintains the following policy to facilitate and encourage the participation of transgender students, staff, coaches, managers, trainers and any other persons associated with high school sport.  This policy covers participation at Zone, Wildcard, Inter-Zone and Provincial competitions and activities.

The MHSAA recognizes that all situations will be unique and that the implementation of this policy will require the collaboration of all partners involved.  We will therefore continue to provide the necessary supports to accommodate transgender and gender non-conforming persons and to help raise awareness about gender related issues.

The association believes that all students, regardless of gender identity, should have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletic activities in a safe, respectful, inclusive and non-judgmental environment.

MHSAA Transgender Policy

Any transgender student athlete may participate fully and safely in gender separated sport activities in accordance with their gender identity.


In designing this policy, several organizations were consulted, and  many documents reviewed, including the 2010 report On the Team: Equal Opportunity for Transgender Student Athletes, written by Pat Griffin and Helen J. Carroll. Consultations were held with the Rainbow Resource Center in Winnipeg, the 591 Church Street Community Centre in Toronto, and feedback was solicited from Manitoba Human Rights Commission, Manitoba Education and Training and individual transgender athletes.