Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete

Adam Muzychuk

Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete
Football, Hockey, Rugby
Award Date
Jun 24, 2004
St. Paul's High School

Adam Muzychuk, of St. Paul’s High School, is a three-sport athlete participating in football, rugby and hockey.  Both his football and hockey teams gained city champion status, and as well Adam was awarded the Friar Nicholson hockey scholarship for his outstanding abilities and citizenship in high school hockey.  Adam maintains a 95.6% average and is class council sports rep, and participates in a variety of other activities, both school and community.

Adam states, “….High school athletics are an integral part of a well rounded education.  Playing sports at the high school level teaches the participants many lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom.  Such lessons include: teamwork, the idea that the individual is part of the whole and can reach greater heights by working effectively with others, as well as teaching balance in daily life….The memories of playing high school sports with my friends will always be with me and I know that some day, I will undoubtedly become 
one of those embarrassing dads that never stops telling his children’s friends about how great his school was at sports and how much fun he had playing.”