Athlete of the Week

Julia Tan

Athlete of the Week
Award Date
Apr 19, 2016
Vincent Massey Collegiate

The Tire Recycle Urban Athlete of the Week is Julia Tan of the Vincent Massey Trojans badminton team.

This 5’4” ladies doubles player was undefeated in the WWAC zone seeding tournament with partner Cassandra Bosc, third at the Maples Badminton Tournament with partner Ann Ahn, and won the ladies singles in the Gimli JV Badminton tournament this past weekend.  Coach Joanne Goodwin states, “Julia is a most dedicated athlete and an exceptional team leader. She has been instrumental in building our team this year by introducing many new players to badminton. She has given a great deal of support to her teammates this season. Her mentoring has made a difference for many players. Julia is a positive, hard-working insightful player. She is a wonderful representative for Vincent Massey”.

In grade 10, she maintains a 96.5% academic average, while also participating in basketball.