Athlete of the Week

Grace Bonham

Athlete of the Week
Award Date
Oct 11, 2016
Gilbert Plains Collegiate
Gilbert Plains Trojans A Varsity Girls Volleyball 2016

The Tire Recycle Urban High School Athlete of the Week is Grace Bonham of the Gilbert Plains Trojans volleyball team.

This 5’0” setter led the Trojans to their first tournament of victory of the season in Swan River.  Prior to that she helped lead them to 2nd place finishes at the Rivers and Gilbert Plains tournaments.  She is serving at a rate of 92%.  She also scored the first ever goal for the newly form Trojan soccer team.  Coach Dan Lehmann states, “It is very rare that you see a Gr.9 student who is so comfortable and confident with their abilities, especially when they are playing with/against students who are 3 years older than them. This subtle confidence is evident on the volleyball court, and Grace is constantly organizing her teammates on the court and effectively running our offence. Her ability and willingness to learn is something that every coach desires in their athletes. Whenever Grace is told something once, she soaks it up, remembers it, and then translates it immediately to her actions on the court.”

This grade 9 student maintains a 90% academic average, while also competing in basketball, soccer, badminton, and track & field.