Dr. Dale Iwanoczko Memorial Scholarship

Spencer Teetaert

Dr. Dale Iwanoczko Memorial Scholarship
Award Date
Feb 7, 2018
Steinbach Regional Secondary School

Spencer Teetaert – is president of the student council at Steinbach Regional School as well as a member of the choral group.  He is currently achieving a grade 8 Royal Conservatory accreditation with honors for piano.  This year he was named a Varsity Graduating All-Star.  He is involved in a variety of sports including soccer, baseball, track and field and basketball.  He is a voice for the youth in his community and has lobbied the town’s city council to create a Youth Advisory Council, he is awaiting a response.  He is organizing an Amazing Race completion for all your that will focus on teamwork and inclusion.  Spencer not only competes in volleyball on his school team but also plays club and beach volleyball all this while maintaining an academic average of 99.2%.