Grey Cup Legacy Male and Female Coach of the Year

Denis Marinelli

Grey Cup Legacy Male and Female Coach of the Year
Badminton, Basketball, Track & Field, Volleyball
Award Date
Jun 30, 2017
Collège St. Norbert Collegiate

Denis has been coaching for a total of 32 years in total (track & field each year, badminton each year, volleyball and/or basketball each year over a 32-year period). As a member of the South Central Athletic Council (SCAC), Denis has served as VP, AAA basketball convener, and as treasurer several times over the past 32 years. He has been the school's representative at SCAC meetings each year, and is a very well-respected committee member, often out-spoken to ensure that all decisions made are in the best interest of student athletes.

Denis has attained his Level 1 in NCCP in Volleyball and Level 1 & 2 in basketball, and serves as a mentor for all coaches at College St. Norbert Collegiate, regularly observing practices and assisting coaches with developing yearly plans for their teams.

Denis' contributions as a coach and physical education teacher at College St. Norbert Collegiate cannot only be measured by his championships and clinics attended. Denis is a true "teacher" in all aspects of his life. As a coach, he believes in teaching his athletes about the various facets of competition, teamwork, disappointment and success. His demeanor both during practice and competition should serve as a model for all coaches. He always demonstrates sportsmanship, is gentle with his athletes while pushing them to be there very best. Regardless of an athlete's talent, Denis always finds a way to involve everyone, and each of his athletes shows improvement and development.

As Denis retires from teaching this June, he leaves behind a legacy at College St. Norbert Collegiate that includes these elements that make a great coach, teacher, mentor and friend to our community.