Grey Cup Legacy Male and Female Coach of the Year

Lana Dubois

Grey Cup Legacy Male and Female Coach of the Year
Award Date
Jun 20, 2022
École Secondaire Neelin High School

The 2022 Grey Cup Legacy Female High School Coach of the Year was awarded to Lana Dubois of Neelin High School in Brandon.

Lana has been a terrific leader and role model for our female student-athletes both on and off the court over the past 11 years. She has represented her team and school with great pride each time her teams hit the court or field. Lana is an exceptionally generous person who always put the needs of her players, parents and fellow coaches over her personal needs or benefits. Lana has an exceptional ability to create positive relationships with players, coaches, and officials. She is commitment to the core values of Hard Work, Integrity and taking Pride in what you do; life-long lessons that her student-athletes have adhered to following their school sport playing days.  Lana always ensures that these values are the priority over the wins and losses in a season.

Lana has greatly contributed to the Westman Sport Community at many levels over her time in this area. Whether it is volunteering with the school’s volleyball or softball programs or coaching age class softball and volleyball at the regional and provincial level, her core values have reached out to many in a relatively short time. Student-athletes always come first and if there is a need and spot to fill, she is one of the first to fill the spot. Since her arrival to the Neelin High School and the Westman Community in 2011, she has been not only a valuable part of the school but also Zone 15 Athletics. She has served as the Zone president and has been the Zone 15 volleyball and softball convener for the last 4 years. During her 11 years at Neelin, she has been an integral part of hosting two MHSAA Varsity AAA Volleyball Championships, one Varsity AAA Basketball Championship, one MHSAA JV AAA Volleyball Championship and two MHSAA JV AAA Basketball Championships as well as the Lead host for the recent 2022 Provincial Fast Pitch Championships.

She has become a cornerstone in the athletic department at Neelin and takes pride in being one of the Spartan Athletic Family. Her teams have collected four varsity AAA Volleyball Championships, one JV AAA Volleyball Championship, and one JV AAA silver medal over this nine-year period, including the last three AAA Varsity Volleyball Championships. She also recently coached Neelin to a silver medal at the 2022 Provincial Fast Pitch Championships. More importantly, the student athletes that she has interacted with left Neelin High School as outstanding citizens in the community.