Nick Laping Leadership Award

Kelli Sinnock

Nick Laping Leadership Award
Award Date
Jun 20, 2022
Sanford Collegiate

Kelli Sinnock of Sanford Collegiate was presented with the Nick Laping Leadership Award.

In her time at the school, she has engrained herself in the culture of the building both through her engagement with students and the energy she brings her job daily. Her value to the school community cannot be over-stated. Her dedication to athletics in the school is second to no one and it is this drive that has developed her leadership skills that are appreciated by both staff and students alike.

Her involvement in school athletics has always been excellent but with sports starting up again after COVID, she stepped up even beyond her own standards. This past year, Kelli was involved in managing the following programs at Sanford Collegiate - soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field, and fast pitch. She also coached basketball, cross-country (winning several aggregate banners this year), and track and field for the collegiate this year while coaching in the Basketball Manitoba TAP program and running daily intramurals program all school year. In addition to all of this, she was the host/convenor of the Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball Championship this past winter in a season where the school did not even have a JV Girls team to compete. She ran her annual Mini-Sabres basketball program this spring that provides opportunity to students from local feeder schools (grades K-4). She is also the co-ordinator of The Sabre Salute Banquet that recognizes athletic accomplishments of our students. To add to this long list of responsibilities, she is the Treasurer of Zone 4 Athletics. Her time management skills, dedication and love of sport have ensured that hundreds of students at Sanford Collegiate have had the opportunity to grow through sport.