Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete

Mika Morand

Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete
Award Date
Jun 23, 2023
Collège Jeanne-Sauvé

Mika Morand of College Jeanne-Sauvé – holds an academic average of 98% while participating in hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field. She was awarded the Sami Jo Small Award from the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame, was a Manitoba Women’s High School Hockey League all-star, and alternate team captain of her school’s hockey team. She was also named to Basketball Manitoba’s AAAA Girls Graduating All-Star team. Mike assisted in designing and organizing the annual school yearbook and was the school’s photographer. She is on the leadership committee that plans, organizes, and runs school events, as well as being a member on the school’s Grad Goofy Awards committee. Mika helped her sister’s hockey team with on-ice practices, and she volunteered for the middle years hockey program, inclusive soccer and bocce ball tournaments, and refereed and organized games for students with disabilities. She also volunteered at the Flanders Lake Cottage Association Activity Committee and is a volunteer instructor for volleyball camp every week.

Mika States: “High school sports are not just about winning games, but developing character, creating memories that will last a lifetime and promoting school spirit. High school sports are important because they teach teamwork, leadership, and perseverance. I have experienced all these things and more but one of my favorite takeaways is the inclusivity that sports offer. 

Coming to high school in grade 9 was very intimidating. Sports are a way that makes students feel included. My experience playing hockey with seniors as a new high school student was very welcoming. I felt as though the older girls were taking me under their wing and showing me the ropes of high school. As this is my last year in high school, I felt the same way with the younger girls on my various teams.  School athletics have made my friendships with teammates stronger. They have also allowed me to make new friendships with people I otherwise would not have had the chance to make.  School sport brings students closer together. Everyone is so supportive and wants the school teams to succeed. The support from my teammates and student body has had a big impact on my character as it has made me into a better leader, team player and helped me build self -confidence. Even though this is the last time I will play with my teammates, and we are all stating new chapters in our life, I will continue to support them in their journeys, just as I have done on the ice, courts, and field.”