Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete

Kyle Hancock

Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete
Award Date
Jun 15, 2010
J.H. Bruns Collegiate
Kyle Hancock, of J.H. Bruns Collegiate participates in Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country Running, Badminton, Indoor Soccer, Outdoor Soccer and Track and Field. Kyle maintains a 95% average and also serves as a member of the Grad Committee, and Division Scholar Athlete Luncheon Committee. He also coaches grade eight boys Basketball at Shamrock School. Kyle states …. “High School Sports help high school students manage and prioritize their time…. students have to be able to manage their busy lives, and this will help them greatly when it comes to University and their adult lives….. These sports help my mental abilities as it helped me relax and take the stress of school away for a couple of hours…”