Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete

Teslyn Anderson

Manitoba's Credit Unions Scholar Athlete
Award Date
Jun 18, 2009
Hapnot Collegiate Institute
Teslyn Anderson of Hapnot Collegiate in Flin Flon is an eighteen-year old all round student athlete. She participates in soccer, volleyball, cross-country running, badminton and track and field, and captured first place at the Zone Cross-Country Championships. Teslyn maintains a 98% average, and has been on the school honor roll and has won the Scholastic Athletic Award. She participates on the Athletic Council, Grad Committee, Concert Band, Jazz Band and the school fashion show while tutoring at an elementary school. Teslyn states… “Have you ever noticed, that the majority of the exceptionally bright students who stand up to accept scholastic awards the majority are also involved in athletics…High School Sports teaches valuable lessons in every aspect of a teenagers life, for some it influences them to make the right decisions for others it provides role models, High School Sport endows respect for authority upon student while somehow supplying the courage and self confidence to voice opinions when necessary regardless of the consequences…Personally High School Sports has invested me with the fierce drive to succeed, the qualities learned in High School Sport will continue to propel me towards a success in the future.”