Hall of Fame - Team Category

Hapnot Collegiate (Flin Flon) Kopper Kweens Basketball Team 1950-1955

Hall of Fame - Team Category
Award Date
Apr 21, 2012
Hapnot Collegiate Institute

In the early days, when high school sport was just getting organized, the Flin Flon Kopper Kweens became a legend.  The Kopper Kweens were champions of high school girls’ basketball from the inception of a provincial championship tournament in 1949 (during the Easter break) through the 54-55 Seasons, 7 years straight. Tec Voc won in 1955-56 to end the streak but Flin Flon did come back to win it in 1957-58 and again in 1959-60. Most of the girls on those early teams also played a form of club basketball and their school team’s success was mirrored by their club team, the Legionettes, in provincial open junior girls’ basketball championships. That was quite a run by the Kopper Kweens and no school has even come close to matching it since then.

1950 - Kopper Kweens beat Kelvin 17-15. Seven are back from last year's provincial high school champions - Avonna Horkoff, Lois Miles, Joanne Miles, Joan Barr, Enid Ranson, Earla Dahgren, Doris Betteridge.





1951 - Flin Flon beats Isaac Newton 38-31. Players are Earla Dahlgren, Valda Porter, Lois Miles, Doreen Nomeland, Eleanor Keeper, Nancy Sjoberg , Georgina Zimmerman, Enid Simms, Avonna Horkoff, Angie Kyba.

1952 - Flin Flon Collegiate beat Glenlawn. Eleanor Keeper, Norma Duncan, Germain Floch, Enid Simm, Valda Porter, Betty Nisbet, Ivale Constable, Emily Bogash, Angie Kyba, Evolda Hampson, Joan Ross, Doreen Nomeland, Coach Jim Rheaume, Coach Bud Rheaume, Manager Jim Allen.

1953 championship roster: Angie Kyba, Joan Ross, Norma Duncan, Evolda Hampson, Jackie Masson, Martha MacKenzie, Colleen Dixon, Marion MacKenzie, Claudine Perras, Betty Nisbet, Darlene Menzies, Coach Bud Rheaume, Trainer Bob Barr, Manager Jim Allen.

1954 championship roster: Bonnie Mahan, Myrt Strand, Gay Bogash, Norma Duncan, Donnie Holdaway, Darlene Menzies, Colleen Dixon, Jackie Masson, Martha MacKenzie, Betty Nisbet, Claudine Perras, Coach Eugene Kitchen, Manager Mrs. W.R. Gordon.


1955 championship roster: Mary Gillespie, Gay Bogash, Jackie Masson, Donnie Holdaway, Bonnie Mahan, Monica Vickery, Gail Lockhart, Myrt Strand, Martha MacKenzie, Claudine Perras, Coach Jim Rheaume, Asst. Coach Gene Kitchen, Manager Jean Rhody.