Frank L. McKinnon Award

Tom Johnson

Frank L. McKinnon Award
Hockey, Track & Field
Award Date
Jun 16, 2008
John Taylor Collegiate

Tom Johnson of John Taylor Collegiate, has coached high school rugby for 21 years at a variety of schools and high school hockey for 19 years at Stonewall and John Taylor Collegiates.  He has served on the Executive for a number of leagues, including terms as President of the Winnipeg High School Hockey League, and on the MHSAA Board of Directors.  Tom has also been Rural Track & Field Provincial Convenor, and Meet Manager for Zone 5.  He was co-convenor for the “AAAA” Provincial High School Hockey Championships.  Tom is an outstanding volunteer and always willing to commit to programs to benefit students.  Tom is currently the Physical Education Department Head at John Taylor Collegiate and has been involved in coordinating and organizing a number of sports at the league, Zone and Provincial levels.  Tom’s commitment and dedication to high school sport is unparalleled in the province.