Provincial AAAA Soccer Championships

Jun 3–4, 2022
School Year
Tricia Scott


On behalf of the MHSAA, and nearly 200 member schools, welcome to the Provincial AAAA Soccer Championships.

There are over 3,000 young men and women participating in high school soccer and you are to be congratulated for your advancement to the Provincial Championship. Schools now have a chance to display their talents and try to reach the podium and be named champions. Any athlete who has attained this level of competition while representing one's school deserves credit for his or her own personal victory.

We would like to thank the organizing committee from J.H. Bruns Collegiate and all of their student and staff volunteers. Without their efforts and support this event could not have taken place.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our major corporate partners for their tremendous support - Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Boston Pizza, Luscious Orange, Payworks, Awards & More and Sport Manitoba.

Congratulations to all who will be competing for the coveted title of MHSAA Provincial Champions.

Chad Falk
Executive Director
Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association

All Stars and MVP Girls

All Stars

Ava Memka - J.H. Bruns
Karlee Ballast - Miles Macdonell
Isabella Tascona - College Jeanne-Sauve
Marlene Zarychata - College Jeanne-Sauve
Lauren Hokason - College Jeanne-sauve
Signy McKim - Vincent Massey (Wpg)
Taryn Cabak - Vincent Masssey (Wpg)
Emily Firth - Leo -Remillaard
Mackenzie Boyes - Vincent Massey (Brandon)
Silvana Scaramuzzi - Kelvin
Ryann Hafenbrack - Balmoral Hall


Gwen Ostermann - Vincent Massey (Wpg)

All Stars and MVP Boys

All Stars

David Bunguke - Louie Riel
Saidi Madaraka - Louis Riel
Musaka W'Esuu - Louis Riel
Leo Takahashi - West Kildonan
Kenan Hukic - J.H. Bruns
Sam Fuss - LSteinbach Regional
Kevin Garcia - Vincent Massey (Brandon)
Alex Oprea - St. Paul's High School
Emmanuel Bezabeh - St. Paul's High School
Olvier Altemeyer - Kelvin
Ari Hooker - Linden Christian


Jacob Tsai - St. Paul's High School


Date & TimeVisitingHomeResultVenueGenderType
Jun 4, 2022
Louis-Riel VoyageursvsSt. Paul's (Wpg) Crusaders1-2Final: SJR Field 1V BoysBracket
Jun 4, 2022
West Kildonan WolverinesvsJ.H. Bruns Broncos7-3Third Place: SJR Field 1V BoysBracket
Jun 4, 2022
Linden Christian WingsvsKelvin Clippers1-6Consolation: SJR Field 2V BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Vincent Massey (Bdn) VikingsvsKelvin Clippers2-3G6: SJR Field 2V BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Linden Christian WingsvsSteinbach Regional Sabres3-2G5: SJR Field 1V BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
St. Paul's (Wpg) CrusadersvsJ.H. Bruns Broncos1-0SF2: SJR Field 2V BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Louis-Riel VoyageursvsWest Kildonan Wolverines2-0SF1: SJR Field 1V BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Kelvin ClippersvsJ.H. Bruns Broncos0-1G4: Glenlawn- Memorial FieldV BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Vincent Massey (Bdn) VikingsvsSt. Paul's (Wpg) Crusaders1-3G3: Dakota FieldV BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Steinbach Regional SabresvsWest Kildonan Wolverines1-2G2: SJR Field 2V BoysBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Linden Christian WingsvsLouis-Riel Voyageurs0-4G1: SJR Field 1V BoysBracket


Date & TimeVisitingHomeResultVenueGenderType
Jun 4, 2022
Vincent Massey (Wpg) TrojansvsJeanne-Sauve Olympiens6-0Final: SJR Field 2V GirlsBracket
Jun 4, 2022
Balmoral Hall BlazersvsKelvin Clippers3-4Third Place: SJR Field 2V GirlsBracket
Jun 4, 2022
J.H. Bruns BroncosvsLéo-Rémillard Renards0-2Consolation: SJR Field 1V GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Miles Macdonell BuckeyesvsLéo-Rémillard Renards1-4G6: Dakota FieldV GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Balmoral Hall BlazersvsJeanne-Sauve Olympiens1-7SF2: SJR Field 2V GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
J.H. Bruns BroncosvsVincent Massey (Bdn) Vikings3-0G5: Glenlawn - Memorial FieldV GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Vincent Massey (Wpg) TrojansvsKelvin Clippers4-0SF1: SJR Field 1V GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Léo-Rémillard RenardsvsJeanne-Sauve Olympiens1-3G4: Glenlawn- Memorial FieldV GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Balmoral Hall BlazersvsMiles Macdonell Buckeyes4-1G3: Dakota FieldV GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
Vincent Massey (Bdn) VikingsvsKelvin Clippers1-3G2: SJR Field 2V GirlsBracket
Jun 3, 2022
J.H. Bruns BroncosvsVincent Massey (Wpg) Trojans0-4G1: SJR Field 1V GirlsBracket

Championship Information

Field Location:  Games will be taking place at St. John's Ravenscourt School 400 South Drive, Murray Field at Dakota Collegiate 661 Dakota St, and Memorial Park at Glenlawn Collegiate 770 St Mary's Rd.

Parking: Please note, you must park on side streets if playing at Dakota Collegiate. You will be towed if you are parked in the Dakota or Family Foods parking lot. 

The City has just implemented a parking ban on all of the streets in the vicinity of SJR on Friday for street work. This means that player, coaches and spectators for Soccer Provincials will not be able to park near the fields. They will have to find streets without the No Parking signs further away from the school and walk a fairly long distance to the fields.

People may not park on the School campus, nor may they park in the Wildwood Park bays. The bays are for resident parking only. Cars will be ticketed and/or towed.

We highly encourage teams to travel to their games in a school bus that can drop the players by the fields and then drive away.

Athletic Therapist: There will be an athletic therapist on site at St. John's Ravenscourt.

Canteen: A canteen will be available at St. John's Ravenscourt.

St. John's Ravenscourt


Glenlawn Collegiate

Rules & Regulations


TOURNAMENTS must be registered online at the MHSAA website at least one week prior to the tournament start date.

ONLINE ROSTER must be entered by MAY 20. All teams must enter their roster online regardless of whether or not they will be attending the Provincial Championships.

ZONE AND INTERZONE PLAYOFFS must be completed by MAY 28. Please contact Greg at 204-925-5642 or email: as soon as the representative has been determined.

WILDCARD APPLICATIONS are due by MAY 26 at 1:00 pm sharp.

Wildcards are open to zone semi-finalists and finalists only.

Applications must include the following:
- Complete season record of all games played (exhibition, league,
tournament). Season Record Form available on the MHSAA website.
- Letter of intent to participate signed by the Principal.
- All Schools applying for a wildcard must pay a $25 non-refundable application fee. Schools selected to play in a wildcard game will additionally be invoiced for the wildcard game fee of $125. The school will then have 20 working days from the date of the invoice to pay the fee(s) or they will be subject to further sanctioning.

If your application does not include the complete season record and letter of intent, and/or is late, the application will not be considered. See page 131 of the MHSAA handbook for an example wildcard application. Wildcard game date and location will be determined once the teams have been selected. Automatic wildcard spots may be awarded.

SEEDING INFORMATION will be taken from the MHSAA website. All teams will have until MAY 26 to ensure their season record accurately reflects all games played throughout the season. In Addition any team that participates in an out of province
tournament or exhibition game must email with the date, opponent(s) and scores of those games by the deadline above.

A) FORMAT: for both the girls and boys championship it will be an 8 team tournament with a championship and consolation play-off.

B) RULES: FIFA rules will be in effect. Special playing rules approved by the MHSAA will take precedence over playing rules in the official rule book.

Teams arriving late: If a team is fifteen (15) or more minutes late without a valid reason, the game may be forfeited or the team arriving on time may be awarded goal(s). (Up to the discretion of the convenor and/or MHSAA representative)

Game Length: All games will consist of two 35 minute halves.
Overtime: Should there be overtime, the overtime will consist of two 7 1/2 minute halves. After that, if the teams are still tied, penalty kicks (as per FIFA Rules) will decide the winner. Teams will select five players from those eleven players on the field at the end of the overtime to take the first round of kicks
alternately with the opposition. If, after the first round of shots the score still remains tied, then teams will continue alternating the shootout one at a time with those players of the eleven who have not shot. Teams must have an even number of shots to declare a winner. That is, the first team to score does not necessarily win. If the score remains tied after all eleven players have taken kicks, then any of the first five shooters is eligible to take kicks again.

Uniforms: Shin guards are mandatory. Teams must have the same coloured shirts and matching shorts. Absolutely no multicoloured shorts, knee length shorts or cut off jean shorts. A set of extra uniforms or pinnies (numbered) should also be brought to prevent uniform clashes. Teams with improper uniforms may not be allowed to play. Athletes, team members and coaches will not be allowed to wear headgear during competition (except the goalkeeper). Athletes, team members and coaches will not be allowed to wear headwear during opening ceremonies, award ceremonies or any special functions. Coaches should be advised that if the uniform rule is not adhered to, they may not be allowed to compete and may be fined up to $200 and be put on probation. (Probation being that; if the school violated the infraction again, the school may be suspended from all MHSAA activities).

Advertising on uniforms must adhere to guidelines as outlined on pages 132-133 of the MHSAA handbook.

Substitutions: Each team is allowed an unlimited number of substitutes. Substitutions are allowed at any time during the game when there is a definite stoppage in play and when the substituting team is in possession of the ball. The referee must be informed of the intention to enter the game by calling
“substitution”. The substitute should remain on the sidelines until the referee waves him/her in. Players coming out of the game may return later. Players sent off during a game by the referee cannot be replaced. The suspended player cannot return during the game.

Cautions: A player receiving one red or two yellow cards during the tournament will be automatically suspended for the following game. In the case of a red card received during a game, the player will be ejected, and the team will be forced to play short for that game. The player will not be allowed to play in the next game. If a player receives two yellow cards in one game, they will be ejected from the game and the team will be forced to play short for that game. The player will not be allowed to play in the next game. If a player receives two yellow cards during the tournament, they will be suspended from the next game.

Coaches are asked to bring the following equipment to minimize problems:
a) the team’s own properly marked soccer balls for warm-ups (Size 5)
b) first aid kits. Each school is responsible for bringing: Tape, bandages, and other supplies for treating minor injuries. (Do not expect to have tape provided)

It is expected that all teams attend opening ceremonies and related functions. Non-attendance may result in fines, and/or further sanctions placed against the school.

Medals are to be awarded to the 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place teams (max 20). The winner and finalists will receive the championship banners, while the consolation and third place winners will also receive a plaque. Eleven all-stars and one MVP will be selected.

At all MHSAA Provincial Championships, interzone and wildcard games, participants must have a teacher from the school division in attendance as a supervisor, or they will not be allowed to compete. Teachers employed in the school division where they are coaching a team, may be the supervisor for that team. The responsibility rests with the school to ensure that supervisor(s) are fully acquainted with all MHSAA rules, regulations, and consequences. Violation of this rule may result in a fine up to a maximum of $200.

The MHSAA, in cases of severe weather disruptions, may have to make decisions as to the possible rescheduling of Provincial Championships. MHSAA decisions will be based on Environment Canada weather reports, the Manitoba Highway reports and weather conditions at the host site. Information on possible schedule changes will be posted on the host website between 6:30 and 7:00 am on the day of the Championship. Schools will also be emailed any changes. In case of inclement weather, schools should refrain from travelling to Provincial Championships until they receive notification from the MHSAA Assistant Executive Director with instructions and updated scheduling. Schools deciding to travel prior to receiving notification from MHSAA Assistant Executive Director do so at their own risk and will be responsible for their travel and hotel costs, should the event be postponed or changed.

Many schools travel to Provincial Championships on the day prior to the championship beginning. In cases where most schools are already at the host site, the convenor along with MHSAA assistant director will try to modify schedules to accommodate teams that will be arriving later due to weather conditions.