Provincial Badminton Championships

May 2–4, 2024
School Year
Host School
Becky Birch, Marc Gaudet
Contact Name
Greg Jarvis
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$10/weekend pass
12 & under free

Please allow extra time for parking


On behalf of the MHSAA, welcome to the Provincial High School Badminton Championships. We hope that you will enjoy this championship and the many talented student athletes participating.

Congratulations to all students on their advancement to these provincials. Many hours of practice and tournaments now reach a culmination. Best of luck as you strive to reach your goal of becoming Provincial Champion.

We would like to thank the host organizing committee for their efforts hosting this year’s event. The support and enthusiasm of volunteers is very much appreciated. Thank you to our corporate partners who include Yonex, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Manitoba Hydro, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Boston Pizza, Luscious Orange, Payworks, Hudl, Canadian Armed Forces, and Sport Manitoba.

Best wishes to all participants.

Chad Falk
Executive Director
Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association


Link to Full Results

Boys Singles JV Girls Singles JV Boys Doubles JV Girls Doubles JV Mixed Doubles JV


Boys Singles Varsity Girls Singles Varsity Boys Doubles Varsity Girls Doubles Varsity Mixed Doubles Varsity

JV Results

JV Boys Singles
1st - Preston Fazekas - Linden Christian
2nd - Anurak Ma - JH Bruns
3rd - Connor Buhler - College Beliveau

JV Girls Singles
1st - Yujia Qin - Dakota
2nd - Hope Smith - Jeanne-Sauve
3rd - Kate Li - Fort Richmond

JV Boys Doubles
1st - Ruszel Deluz & Tristan Cousineau - Jeanne Sauve
2nd - Luc Simon & Nick Charriere - Notre Dame
3rd - Tyson Mullin & Kiru Griffin - Morden

JV Girls Doubles
1st - Morgan Bosko & Sarah Dupuis - Gabrielle Roy
2nd - Avary Lepischak & Tatum Chuhai - Rossburn
3rd - Logan Speers & Rylee Thiessen - Morden

JV Mixed Doubles
1st - Noah Oman & Kendra Hancock - St. Norbert
2nd - Surabhi Kishore & Quinn Lagace - Jeanne Sauve
3rd - Logan Mangin-Waldner & Mya Dion - Notre Dame

Varsity Boys Singles
1st - Anson Chen - St. Paul's
2nd - Vijay Kumar - St. Maurice
3rd - Lambert Chan - Pembina Trails

Varsity Girls Singles
1st - Ranya Narwal - Fort Richmond
2nd - Angel Dong - Kelvin
3rd - Crystal Zamzow - Swan Valley

Varsity Boys Doubles
1st - Gia Khang Nguyen & Elijah Revilla - Miles Macdonell
2nd - Julian Brennan & Billy Tanglin - St. Paul's
3rd - Lucian McDaniel & Leonides McDaniels - Neelin

Varsity Girls Doubles
1st - Caroline McConell & Leigha Kristof - Reston
2nd - Zeni Vanstone & Abigail Dyck - Miami
3rd - Alyssa Bjarnarson & Jenae Russell - Sanford

Varsity Mixed Doubles
1st - Laure Dizengremel & William Poudrier - Notre Dame
2nd - Justin Joubert & Rylee Normand - JH Bruns
3rd - Alex MacDiarmid & Arianah Sharma – St. John’s Ravenscourt


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Championship Information

Bus Drop Off: Athlete drop off by bus must be done on Alexander Avenue on the North side of Sport Manitoba, at the doors marked Group Access. Upon arrival athletes will need to push the button by the door which will alert the front desk that someone has arrived. Please listen for a clicking noise that will indicate the door has become unlocked, there will be no other sounds or acknowledgement from the front desk. Once you enter the doors, please proceed up the staircase on the left to the second floor which will take you directly to the gym entrance. Map to Drop Off Location

Parking: Metered parking is available on most streets around the building. In addition, there are limited spots available in the Sport Manitoba Parkade that can be accessed off of Alexander Avenue and in adjacent surface lots nearby. Please ensure you read and abide by all parking regulations for the area you choose to park as the MHSAA will not be responsible for any parking infractions. We recommend you give yourself extra time to find parking.

Accessibility Entrance: Is accessed on Pacific Avenue on the South side of Sport Manitoba at the doors marked Parkade Entrance (Just left of main entrance). Upon arrival spectators will need to push the button by the door which will alert the front desk that someone has arrived. 

Coaches Meeting: Thursday, May 4th at 8:30 am in Conference Room A in the basement of the Sport Manitoba Administration Building.  

Prairie Badminton will be on site to offer professional stringing services and sale of limited items including grips, racquets, bags, and accessories. 

Thursday 9am-4pm
Friday 9am-4pm

Prices (tax included):
Full Restring: $35
String Repair: $12
3-Pack Grip: $12
Single Grip: $5
Racquets/Bags/Accessories prices will vary 

*Cash and etransfer only

If you're looking for anything specific for us to bring to Sport MB, please email and will do our best to meet any requests.

Sport Manitoba

Rules & Regulations


Tournaments must be registered online at the MHSAA website at least one week prior to the tournament start date.

Online ROSTER due by April 12.  All schools must complete an online roster regardless of whether or not they will be attending the Provincial Championships. JV and Varsity athletes need to be on separate rosters.

Zone Playoffs must be completed by April 25.

ENTRIES must be received by April 26 - 4:00 pm All zone entries are to be submitted by the zone convenor using the entry form provided by the MHSAA office. Late entries may not be accepted.

WILDCARD APPLICATIONS are due by APRIL 26 at 1:00 pm sharp. Wildcards are open to zone semi-finalists and finalists only.  Applications must include the following:

- Complete season record of all games played (exhibition, league, tournament). Season Record Form available on the MHSAA website.

- Letter of intent to participate signed by the Principal.

- All Schools applying for a wildcard must pay a $25 non-refundable application fee.  The school will have 20 working days from the date of the invoice to pay the fee or they will be subject to further sanctioning.

If your application does not include the complete season record and letter of intent, and/or is late, the application will not be considered. WILDCARD ENTRY will be determined by a committee, as determined by the MHSAA. The rationale used for the decision will be an applicant’s high school tournament play and high school zone play. The wildcard entry will be awarded outright. Wildcard decisions will be posted on our website on the Monday, prior to the championship.



Badminton Point-a-Rally will be used. The tournament will be seeded into four pools and round robin will be played.  The top four finishers in each pool will go onto a play-off draw.  

Events – Girls Singles, Boys Singles, Girls Doubles, Boys Doubles & Mixed Doubles       

Zones are limited to two entries per event at both the JV and Varsity level.  A player may be entered in only one event.

Doubles teams that advance, must advance with the partner that they qualified with, in their zone championship (Substitutions or replacements can NOT be made after zone competition). Junior varsity athletes may choose to compete in either the varsity or the JV championship but cannot compete in both provincial championships.

ONE ENTRY will go to the HOST ZONE, meaning, that the host zone is now allowed to enter a third representative.  The rational for this is that for most MHSAA sports, there is a host spot, and this may be more incentive and a reward for those zones (schools) that are hosting a provincial badminton championship.  It is up to the host zone to determine how they will fill the host spots. If the host entry is the third entry for a single school in a category, that entry will not be allotted points towards the team scoring.

All matches will be governed by Badminton Canada rules, except where noted by special MHSAA rules.  In these cases, MHSAA rules will take precedent over the official rules.

Tie breaking procedure - if two teams are tied for first, second, or third place, winner in round robin play finishes first. 

If three teams are tied for first or second place, round robin match results between the individual tied considered first, then point for and against between the three tied teams involved will determine placing. 

If three teams are tied for third place, points for and against decide third place, between the three tied teams involved.  The other two teams will play-off in a single 21-point game for fourth place 

If two teams are tied for fourth place, then a one game 21-point play-off will be played to decide fourth place. 

If three teams are tied for fourth place, points for and against between the three tied decide the bye, other two teams play off one 21-point game.  The winner immediately plays the team who received the bye for fourth place. In the event of tied teams having the same plus - minus, points for and against in the whole round robin will determine positions to advance.

Recording scores - the winner is responsible; we recommend both be present when filling in the score card on your court. When leaving court please leave by the end of the courts when reporting scores or requesting shuttles, etc.

Coaching is not allowed from the side at any time. Coaches may access the court area with their athletes between games in a best of three only.  

Officiating: efforts will be made to have Badminton Manitoba Officials on site throughout the tournament.

Five minute no show in effect.

Two minute warm up - coaches, if there is a delay, please ask your athletes to quickly prepare for play.

Serving - serve from wrong court is a “let” if it is noticed by the opponent

Defaults - Points will only be awarded if an entry does not show up for a scheduled match.  It is the zones responsibility to ensure that their representatives fulfill any commitments. If a player(s) leaves prior to finishing any or all of their games, their scores will all be eliminated.  Their school may also be subject to a $200.00 fine.

- all competitors must supply their own racquets
- Mavis 350 blue band nylon shuttlecocks (optic yellow)
- shuttlecocks will be left on the court after a game. If a new shuttlecock is required, the one in use must be returned to a committee member
- Protective eyewear - the MHSAA strongly encourages the use of protective eyewear during Provincial Badminton Championships

Uniform Rule: Proper uniforms must be worn.  Players are allowed to wear school uniforms, which must have short sleeves, or a plain white T-shirt.  Doubles must have consistent uniforms and shorts.  Athletes can NOT wear other school jersey's that have the name of a sport on the jersey, other than the sport name of badminton.   

Athletes and coaches will not be allowed to wear headwear during competitions. Any athlete or coach deemed in violation may be subject to a performance bond violation assessed to the school.

Coaches should be advised that if the uniform rule is not adhered to, the team/player may not be allowed to compete and may be fined up to $200.  The school may also be put on probation (probation being that if the school violates the infraction again, the school may be fined $200 and be suspended from all MHSAA activities). 

Advertising on uniforms must adhere to guidelines as outlined on pages 136-137.

Scoring System: Points will be awarded from 14th Place through to the Championship finals as follows:      

1st place                  14 points
2nd place                12 points
3rd place                 10 points
4th place                   8 points
5th place                   7 points
6th place                   6 points
7th place                   5 points
8th place                   4 points
9th place                   3 points
10th place                 2 points
11th – 12th place      1 points

Tie breaker, if tied - greatest number of 1st place finishes. If still tied - greatest number of 2nd place finishes. If still tied - greatest number of 3rd place finishes. If still tied - greatest number of 4th place finishes. If still tied, it will be the greatest number of athletes in the quarterfinal.

It is expected that all teams attend opening ceremonies and related functions.    Non-attendance may result in fines, and/or further sanctions against the school.


3.     AWARDS

A Provincial Championship banner will be presented to the winning school in the “A-AA” categories

A Provincial Championship banner will be presented to the winning school in the “AAA-AAAA” categories.

Provincial Champions will be declared in each of the events.  They will receive medals and a championship T-shirt. Medals will also be presented to second and third place.