Provincial Fast Pitch Championship

Fast Pitch
May 31, 2024 – Jun 1, 2024
School Year
Jo-Anne Clark-Gillespie
Contact Name
Greg Jarvis
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Day pass: $10 per person
Weekend pass: $15 per person
12 & Under Free



On behalf of the MHSAA welcome to the Provincial Fast Pitch Championships. We hope that this event will provide you with a special memory of your high school years.  

All student athletes are to be congratulated on their advancement to these provincials. Many hours of practice, games and tournaments now reach a culmination.  Teams have a chance to display their abilities and reach the podium. Any athlete who has attained this level of competition deserves credit for her own personal achievement.

The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association would like to thank, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Boston Pizza, Sport Manitoba, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Luscious Orange, Payworks, Hudl, Canadian Armed Forces, and Manitoba Hydro for their support.  A special thanks to the Portage Collegiate Institute organizing committee and all of their volunteers and supporters.

Best of luck to all teams competing for the coveted title of MHSAA Champion.  Have a great weekend!

Chad Falk 
Executive Director
Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association

Event Merchandise

Provincial Fast Pitch hoodies will be available for online purchase the week before the Provincials. The pre-order price is $75.00. and they can be picked up that weekend.  On the weekend of the tournament, the hoodies will also be on sale, at a cost of $80.00 (cash or cheque only).

Pre orders can be sent to and payment can be either e-transfers which will go to:  or can be paid at the tournament. Please ensure that in the memo what the e-transfer is for: Fast Pitch Provincials hoodie.  If paying by cash or cheque (made out to PCI) payment can be made on the weekend of Provincials.

Hoodies are women's Under Armour,  black in colour with sizes from small to XX-large.


**Pre-Orders end Thursday, May 30th @ 12:00 pm. No more orders will be taken after this. Hoodies can be purchased for $80 at the diamonds on the weekend.


Special Events

Coaches Meeting Friday, May 31 @ 8:00 am on Diamond 7

Opening Ceremonies Friday May 31 @ 12:15 pm on Diamond 7


Pool 1
Vincent Massey (Wpg) TrojansPortage Collegiate SaintsPrairie Mountain PredatorsW-LRank
Vincent Massey (Wpg) Trojans25-48-22-01
Portage Collegiate Saints4-253-40-23
Prairie Mountain Predators2-84-31-12
Pool 2
Stonewall RamsGoose Lake High School AngelsSt-Joachim/Réal-Bérard (Co-Op) W-LRank
Stonewall Rams13-01-31-12
Goose Lake High School Angels0-130-90-23
St-Joachim/Réal-Bérard (Co-Op) 3-19-02-01
Pool 3
Northlands Parkway NighthawksCarberry CougarsVincent Massey (Bdn) VikingsW-LRank
Northlands Parkway Nighthawks10-03-41-12
Carberry Cougars0-103-130-23
Vincent Massey (Bdn) Vikings4-313-32-01
Pool 4
Virden BearsMikisew MikisewJeanne-Sauve OlympiensW-LRank
Virden Bears10-03-81-12
Mikisew Mikisew0-100-140-23
Jeanne-Sauve Olympiens8-314-02-01


Date & TimeVisitingHomeResultVenueGenderType
Jun 1, 2024
Virden BearsvsVincent Massey (Wpg) Trojans2-9G24: Final - Diamond 9V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Prairie Mountain PredatorsvsStonewall Rams7-14G23: 3rd Place - Diamond 1V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Stonewall RamsvsVincent Massey (Wpg) Trojans3-4G22: SF2 - Diamond 9V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Virden BearsvsPrairie Mountain Predators8-3G21: SF1 - Diamond 1V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Northlands Parkway NighthawksvsVincent Massey (Wpg) Trojans0-4G20: Diamond 9V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Stonewall RamsvsJeanne-Sauve Olympiens2-1G19: Diamond 1V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Prairie Mountain PredatorsvsVincent Massey (Bdn) Vikings11-5G18: Diamond 9V GirlsBracket
Jun 1, 2024
Virden BearsvsSt-Joachim/Réal-Bérard (Co-Op) 3-2G17: Diamond 1V GirlsBracket
May 31, 2024
Mikisew MikisewvsNorthlands Parkway Nighthawks1-11G16: Diamond 1V GirlsBracket
May 31, 2024
Carberry CougarsvsVirden Bears0-13G15: Diamond 3V GirlsBracket
May 31, 2024
Goose Lake High School AngelsvsPrairie Mountain Predators4-11G14: Diamond 9V GirlsBracket
May 31, 2024
Portage Collegiate SaintsvsStonewall Rams0-10G13: Diamond 1V GirlsBracket
May 31, 2024
Virden BearsvsJeanne-Sauve Olympiens3-8G12: Diamond 3V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Carberry CougarsvsNorthlands Parkway Nighthawks0-10G11: Diamond 9V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
St-Joachim/Réal-Bérard (Co-Op) vsStonewall Rams3-1G10: Diamond 1V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Vincent Massey (Wpg) TrojansvsPortage Collegiate Saints25-4G9: Diamond 3V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Jeanne-Sauve OlympiensvsMikisew Mikisew14-0G8: Diamond 9V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Northlands Parkway NighthawksvsVincent Massey (Bdn) Vikings3-4G7: Diamond 1V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Prairie Mountain PredatorsvsVincent Massey (Wpg) Trojans2-8G6: Diamond 3V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Mikisew MikisewvsVirden Bears0-10G4: Diamond 9V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Vincent Massey (Bdn) VikingsvsCarberry Cougars13-3G3: Diamond 3V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Goose Lake High School AngelsvsSt-Joachim/Réal-Bérard (Co-Op) 0-9G2: Diamond 1V GirlsRound Robin 1
May 31, 2024
Portage Collegiate SaintsvsPrairie Mountain Predators3-4G1: Diamond 9V GirlsRound Robin 1
PostponedStonewall RamsvsGoose Lake High School Angels13-0G5: Diamond 1V GirlsRound Robin 1

Championship Information

Provincial All-Stars:

Molly Conrad - Prairie Mountain

Sierra Slatcher & Abi Minnie - Stonewall

Presley Hodson, Alexa Banga & Peyton Stuart - Virden

Jill Masubara, Cate Bracken & Addison Page - Vincent Massey (Wpg)


MVP:  Danika Nell - Vincent Massey (Wpg)

Rotary Republic of Manitoba Park

Rules & Regulations


Tournaments must be registered online at the MHSAA website at least one week prior to the tournament start date.

Online ROSTER is due by MAY 17. All teams must enter their roster online regardless of whether or not they will be attending the Provincial Championships.

Zone and Interzone playoffs must be completed by May 23.  Please inform the MHSAA as soon as your representative has been determined.

WILDCARD APPLICATIONS are due by MAY 22 at 1:00 pm sharp.  Wildcards are open to zone semi-finalists and finalists only.  Applications must include the following:

- Letter of intent to participate signed by the Principal.

- All Schools applying for a wildcard must pay a $25 non-refundable application fee.  Schools selected to play in a wildcard game will additionally be invoiced for the wildcard game fee of $125.  The school will then have 20 working days from the date of the invoice to pay the fee(s) or they will be subject to further sanctioning.

- All teams applying for a wildcard will have their season record taken from the MHSAA website.  Teams applying must ensure their online record accurately reflects all games played (league, exhibition, & tournament). Additionally, any team that participates in an out of province tournament or exhibition game must email with the date, opponent(s) and scores of those games by the deadline above.

If your application does not include the letter of intent, and/or is late, the application will not be considered.  Wildcard game date and location will be determined once the teams have been selected. Automatic wildcard spots may be awarded.  

SEEDING INFORMATION will be taken from the MHSAA website. All teams will have until MAY 24 to ensure their season record accurately reflects all games played throughout the season. Additionally, any team that participates in an out of province tournament or exhibition game must email with the date, opponent(s) and scores of those games by the deadline above.



A) FORMAT: both the boys and girls championship will be twelve (12) team round robin with four (4) pools of three (3).  There will be a championship play-off with no consolation.

B) RULES: Baseball Canada (18U A category) and Softball Canada (U19 category) rules will be in effect.  Special playing rules approved by the MHSAA will take precedence over playing rules in the official rule book.

It is expected that all teams attend Opening Ceremonies and related functions. Non-attendance may result in fines, and/or further sanctions against the school.

Uniform Rule: Style and colour of uniform must be consistent throughout the team. Each team must have matching caps (no commercial advertising allowed on them) and shirts with clearly visible numbers on the shirts.  (No commercial or ‘club’ shirts permitted.) Coaches must wear school team cap.

Coaches should be advised that if the uniform rule is not adhered to, the team may not be allowed to compete and may be fined up to $200.  The school may also be put on probation (probation being that if the school violates the infraction again, the school may be fined $200 and be suspended from all MHSAA activities).

Advertising on uniforms must adhere to guidelines as outlined on pages 136-137.

The maximum number of coaches, trainers, etc. allowed on the bench will be 4.

All games except for semi-finals and finals will be 5 innings; 10-run rule after 3 innings. All semi-final and final games - 7 innings with 10-run rule after 5 innings.

Ties at all stages must be broken by continuation of play until a winner is declared.  Tie breakers will be decided by the International Tie Breaker Rule. The last batter at the end of regulation play for the home team, will start the extra inning at second base.  Play will continue until a winner is decided.

The following procedure will be used to break any ties in the pool following the completion of pool play:

1. Won/Lost records (%). If still tied, then:

2. Winners of games between tied teams

3. Difference PLUS or MINUS of total runs scored, with a limit of 7 PLUS or MINUS per game allowed.

(a) If still tied within 3) then: The least (fewest) amount of runs scored against in all games will be used. If still tied, then:

(b) The total runs scored in all games will be used with a maximum of 10 runs scored per game will be used. If still tied, then:

(c) Positions will be settled by a coin toss.

Pitching distance - 43 feet. (measurement is from the back of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber)

Official batting helmets must be worn while batting and while running bases.

Smoking or chewing tobacco will not be permitted on the field or on the player benches while the game is in progress.

Back catchers must wear protective helmet and mask with an attached throat protector, in addition to the appropriate protective wear.  All of this equipment is to fit properly.

For MHSAA competitions the 9-person batter order will be used.


3.     AWARDS 

The winner will receive the championship banner, championship t-shirt, and 1st place medals (16 each).  

The finalists will receive the finalist banner, and 2nd place medals (16).

For fast pitch only the third-place team will receive a plaque and bronze medals (16).

An all-star team along with a M.V.P. will be selected.

Schools with team rosters that exceed the allotted number of awards would be responsible for the cost of any additional awards required.