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Oct 22, 2019
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With the heavy snowfall over the weekend, the cross country course at Stony Mountain will not be ready for the original scheduled date.  The Provincials have been rescheduled to Tuesday, October 22.  

Welcome to the 2019 Provincial Cross Country Running Championships being held at Stony Mountain Ski Area.  We hope that this championship will provide you with a memorable experience. 

We have over 2,000 young men and women participating in Cross Country, and the participants are indeed to be congratulated for their advancement to these provincials.  Many hours of training and meets now reach a culmination.  Runners and teams, now have a chance to display their talents and try and reach the podium to be rated as one of the best.  Any athlete who has attained this level of competition representing one's school deserves credit for his or her own personal victory. 

The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association would like to thank Zone 5 for hosting, as well as, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba’s Credit Unions, Boston Pizza, McDonald's, Manitoba Hydro, Awards & More, Payworks and Sport Manitoba for their continued support with all Provincial Championships.

Congratulations to those who have advanced to this special day, and who will be competing for the coveted titles of MHSAA Champion.

Chad Falk
MHSAA Executive Director


11:30 am Coaches Meeting

12:00 pm Varsity Boys (team & open)

12:30 pm JV Boys (team & open)

1:00 pm Varsity Girls (team & open)

1:30 pm JV Girls (team & open)

Participants should be preprared to compete 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Awards Presentation to follow the last race.  ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE EXPECTED TO STAY FOR THE AWARDS PRESENTATION. Schools will be fined if not present.

First Aid Coverage

The MHSAA is proud to partner with Xtreme Sports Medics Inc., who will be providing full service medic coverage for the 2019 Provincial Cross Country Championships.

Contact Xtreme Sports Medics for all of your full service special event medic coverage, Red Cross first aid courses and workplace safety training needs.


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Championship Information

Result Summary

Provincial Cross Country Individual Results:

Varsity Boys

  1. Lamek Afeworki – Glenlawn Collegiate
  2. Justin Kroeker – Edward Schreyer ( Beausejour)
  3. Will Boyle – Garden City Collegiate

JV Boys

  1. Siwon Jengsuksavat – St. Paul’s High School
  2. Sylvaine Carriere – Dakota Collegiate
  3. Ryan Kulbaki – St. Paul’s  High School

JV Girls

  1. Marina Gross – Carman Collegiate
  2. Mia Sawatzky – W.C. Miller Collegiate
  3. Felicia Ross – Mennonite Brethren Collegiate

Varsity Girls

  1. Cadence Christie – St. Mary’s Academy
  2. Adra Barnet – St. Mary’s Academy
  3. Erin Owens – Portage Collegiate

Provincial Cross Country Team Results

A-AAA Category

JV Girls

  1. Sanford Collegiate – 54 points
  2. Westgate Mennonite Collegiate – 74 Points
  3. College Regional Gabrielle Roy – 76 Points
  4. Morden Collegiate – 115 Points
  5. Nelson McIntyre – 122 Points
  6. Prairie Mountain High School – 143 Points
  7. Mikisew School – 218 Points
  8. McCreary School – 241 Points
  9. Teulon Collegiate – 279 Points

JV Boys

  1. Morden Collegiate – 47 points
  2. Sanford Collegiate – 59 points
  3. Centre Scolaire Leo Remillard – 75 points
  4. Westgate Mennonite Collegiate – 76 points
  5. St. John’s High School – 139 points
  6. St. Theresa Point – 147 points
  7. Gimli High School – 190 points
  8. College Beliveau – 227 points

Varsity Girls

  1. College Regional Gabrielle Roy – 32 points
  2. Sanford Collegiate – 51 points
  3. Westgate Mennonite Collegiate – 84 points
  4. Stonewall Collegiate – 90 points
  5. Nelson McIntyre Collegiate – 116 points
  6. Prairie Mountain High School – 128 points
  7. Edward Schreyer School – 160 points

Varsity Boys

  1. Carman Collegiate – 56 points
  2. Edward Schreyer School – 65 Points
  3. Stonewall Collegiate – 77 points
  4. 72 Memorial – 123 points
  5. Westgate Mennonite Collegiate – 134 points
  6. Southeast Collegiate – 155 points
  7. Frontier Collegiate – 158 points
  8. Warren Collegiate – 175 points
  9. St. James Collegiate – 219 points

AAAA Category

JV Girls

  1. Kelvin High School – 29 points
  2. Oak Park High School – 57 Points
  3. Lord Selkirk Regional – 84 points
  4. River East Collegiate – 114 points
  5. Sturgeon Heights – 129 points
  6. Miles Macdonell – 153 points
  7. Glenlawn Collegiate – 156 points

JV Boys

  1. St. Paul’s High School – 22 points
  2. Vincent Massey Collegiate (Wpg) – 55 points
  3. Fort Richmond Collegiate – 113 points
  4. River East Collegiate – 128 points
  5. Miles Macdonell Collegiate – 146 points
  6. Oak Park High School – 173 points
  7. Steinbach Regional – 190 points

Varsity Girls

  1. St. Mary’s Academy – 16 points
  2. Kelvin High School – 90 Points
  3. JH Bruns Collegiate – 101 points
  4. Sisler High School – 116 points
  5. Maples Collegiate – 142 points
  6. Fort Richmond Collegiate – 177 points

River East Collegiate – 177 points

8. Miles Macdonell Collegiate – 185 point

9. Garden Valley Collegiate – 225 points

Varsity Boys

  1. St. Paul’s High School – 69 points
  2. Kelvin High School – 108 points
  3. Oak Park High School – 115 points
  4. Fort Richmond Collegiate – 116 points
  5. Garden City Collegiate – 134 points
  6. Glenlawn Collegiate – 145 points
  7. Garden Valley Collegiate – 172 points
  8. Grant Park High School – 188 points
  9. Vincent Massey Collegiate (Wpg) – 209 points
  10. JH Bruns Collegiate – 239 points
  11. Maples Collegiate – 257 points
  12. Vincent Massey High School – 276 points
  13. Sisler High School – 357 points

Food Services

Danny's Whole Hog will be providing food services.  They will have one of their food trucks preparing pork or beef on a bun and will combine that with coleslaw and a drink to make it a meal.   

There will also be a canteen running inside the ski chalet.  It will cook to order homemade french fries, burgers, hotdogs and the like.  Noone goes hungy at the Provincial Championships.

Terrain and Footwear

As always, footwear will be an important consideration for the championships.  The course has a variety of of surfaces to consider when making this decision.  The first kilometre will be on grass with significant elevation changes.  The majority of the race moves into the quarry where the surface will be crushed limestone and spiked shoes may not offer the advantage as much as on grass. The wetter conditions of the course may make them more advantageous as compared to the dry conditions in the summer.  Bring your spiked shoes and make your decison based on personal preference.

Course Viewing

The course will be available for viewing on Monday, October 21, starting at 5:00 p.m.  Come and check it out!!

Stony Mountain Ski Area

Rules & Regulations


ONLINE ROSTER must be entered by Friday, SEPTEMBER 27. All junior varsity and varsity athletes must be submitted online, regardless of their participation in the Provincial Championships.  JV and Varsity Athletes must be registered on separate rosters. 

ZONE ENTRIES must be in by Thursday, OCTOBER 10. No late entries will be accepted (Early Entries are encouraged and appreciated).  All entries must be submitted by the zone convenor on the spreadsheet provided by the MHSAA.  This spreadsheet will be emailed to all zone convenors in September. Schools and convenors should double check entries as errors may not be corrected at the meet.

  1. A) ENTRIES: The Zone Convenor(s) must be the only person submitting the team names and individual names to the provincial convenor. Entries must be sent in on Zone Entry forms provided by the MHSAA.  These forms will be emailed to zone convenors. late and/or incorrect entries may be subject to a fine.
  • Please ensure schools participating in Provincial Championships receive all information needed.
  • Please ensure that participants who are representing your zone will attend the Provincial Championship.
  • Each zone is allowed to enter up to four (4) teams per zone, per category. (Only one (1) team per school, per category, is allowed). Open entries and team entries will run together.  
  1. B) FORMAT: There will be provincial competitions for cross country in both the Varsity and Junior Varsity categories. All “A-AAA” schools will be scored as one classification, while all “AAAA” schools will be scored as one classification.
  1. RULES:

In order to qualify for the junior varsity competition, an athlete must meet the following requirements:            

  1. Participating athletes must be under the age of 17 as of midnight of the current school year, August 31.
  2. Students are eligible to participate in junior varsity for two years. In determining the two-year clause, member schools must count grade 9 as the first year.  The athlete's eligibility begins upon enrolment in grade 9 and is allowed two consecutive years of competition from time of enrolment in grade 9.

Team Composition: each school must declare no less than five runners and no more than seven runners.

Open runners which are not included in the team composition may still run and are eligible for the overall open championship.

The Team Champion will be determined by the team which has the lowest accumulated score after adding the placing of the school’s first five runners.           

(e.g.) Cross Country Collegiate

Name                                       Placing

Jack O                                     2             Joe. B                      11

Tai N                                       4             John D.                   16

Bud D                                     8             TEAM SCORE      41

Important Note: Teams must start the race with at least 5 runners.  If your team finishes with less than 5 runners, a 'phantom' number, which would be equivalent to the number of the last runner in the race, would be assigned to the non-finishing competitor. 

Team results will be separated from Open results.  (e.g.)

Overall Sheet          Team Place              Overall Sheet          Team Place

1 Open runner                                        4  Pete Haines                         2

2 Abdul Smith       1                              5  Joe Johnson                         3

3 Open runner                                        6  Open runner 

If two or more teams are tied with identical team scores, the tie will be broken using the finish of the best 5th team runner.

Uniform Rule: Competitors must wear appropriate cross-country attire.  No headgear is allowed and School uniforms must be worn.  Absolutely No multicoloured t-shirts, slogan t-shirts, multicoloured shorts, or cut off jean shorts will be acceptable for participants to wear.    Tights may be allowed as long as they have no more than two (2) colours. In the case of inclement weather, clothing adaptations will be announced at the coaches meeting.  No Headgear is permitted to be worn during the awards ceremony. 

Coaches should be advised that if the uniform rule is not adhered to, the athlete may not be allowed to compete, and the school may be fined between $50.00-$200.00.  The school may also be put on probation (probation being that if the school violates the infraction again, the school may be fined $200.00 and be suspended from all MHSAA activities).

 Advertising on uniforms must adhere to guidelines as outlined on pages 132-133

Schedule: (participants should be prepared to compete 10 minutes ahead of schedule)

                11:30 am             Coaches meeting                                      

                12:00 pm             Varsity Boys team and open                      5000 m   

                12:30 pm             JV Boys team and open                              4000 m

                1:00 pm               Varsity Girls team and open                     4000 m

                1:30 pm               JV Girls team and open                             3000 m

  1. Awards

Awards Presentation: All teams are expected to stay for the presentation of the awards. TEAMS MAY BE FINED FOR NOT BEING PRESENT AT THE AWARDS PRESENTATION.

Awards will be presented for two classifications (“A-AAA” and “AAAA”), including each category (JV girls, JV boys, Varsity girls and Varsity boys), The championship teams will receive the Championship banner, first place medals and Championship T-shirts (7).  The runner up teams will receive second place medals (7).  Third place team will receive third place medals (7). 

Individual first place will receive a first place medal and Championship T-shirt.  The runner up individual will receive a second place medal. The third place individual will receive a third place medal.


At all MHSAA Provincial Championships, interzone and wildcard games, participants must have a teacher from the school division in attendance as a supervisor, or they will not be allowed to compete.  In individual sports where it may be unrealistic for one teacher to accompany one student, the zone may designate teacher supervisors for athletes.  This must be a written request, signed by each principal involved, and approved by the MHSAA, well in advance.  The designated teacher supervisor should have a copy of the letter, with them during the championship.

Teachers employed in the school division where they are coaching a team, may be the supervisor for that team.  The responsibility rests with the school to ensure that supervisor(s) are fully acquainted with all MHSAA rules, regulations and consequences.  Violation of this rule may result in a fine up to a maximum of $200.00.


The MHSAA, in cases of severe weather disruptions, may have to make decisions as to the possible rescheduling of Provincial Championships.  MHSAA decisions will be based on Environment Canada weather reports, the Manitoba Highway reports and weather conditions at the host site. 

Information on possible schedule changes will be posted on the host website between 6:30 and 7:00 am on the day of the Championship.  Schools will also be emailed any changes.  In case of inclement weather, schools should refrain from travelling to Provincial Championships until they receive notification from the MHSAA Assistant Executive Director with instructions and updated scheduling.  Schools deciding to travel prior to receiving notification from MHSAA Assistant Executive Director do so at their own risk and will be responsible for their travel and hotel costs, should the event be postponed or changed.

Many schools travel to Provincial Championships on the day prior to the championship beginning.  In cases where most schools are already at the host site, the convenor along with MHSAA assistant director will try to modify schedules to accommodate teams that will be arriving later due to weather conditions.